The Yun Song is a vehicle featured in Sleeping Dogs. All double decker buses appear to operate on the 307 Route and they all appear in the same color.

While the model of the double decker bus is fictional and not distinguishable from real life varients, its livery of green, white and orange resembles the one found in the New World First Bus fleet. The 307 Route to Tai Po also exists, but it is only run by the bus instead of the minibus and tram in the game. Wei cannot action hijack the Yun Song, and as such, the arrow will not appear if this vehicle is in front of the vehicle that he is driving since the action hijack requires Wei to hang on the side of any vehicle or land on the roof, open the door depending on which side he is hanging from and force the driver from the driver's seat. Also, Wei cannot perform an action hijack if he is driving this vehicle since Wei is required to open the door of the vehicle that he is driving and prepare to jump from it.


Low top speed and poor acceleration make the Yunsong a terrible choice for police escapes not to mention its large frontal window is not bulletproof so avoid police confrontation with this vehicle at all times or the player is going to be filled with holes before they even have a chance to move a few meters.


  • If Wei is to order the driver out from the left side while wearing a Police outfit, the driver can be seen exiting through the right side despite the fact that its only door is on the left and it has no door on the driver's side.