Yaoguai (妖怪) are characters featured in Nightmare in North Point. They were evoked and brought from the underworld by Big Scar Wu to assist in his plan of vengeance. The word yaoguai means demons or monsters in Chinese.

Unlike the Jiang Shi which is based on the portrayal in Hong Kong cinema, the Yaoguai featured in the DLC does not seem to be based on Chinese folklore, its goat's horn is rather a cue of Satanism in Western culture.

The Yaoguai is a tough enemy. In addition to its distracting appearance, it is also impervious to normal punches. Attempting to run it over will only result in the Yaoguai spawning on top of the vehicle the player is in, after which it will drag the player out of the vehicle. To defeat the Yaoguai, the player has to gather the ingredients of the magic herbal tea. After drinking the tea, the player has to fill up their face meter. Once it is full, begin pounding on the Yaoguai. When there are no other enemies around to help fill up the face meter, the Peach Wood Sword comes handy in defeating the Yaoguai, yet the swords that scatter around North Point often come with a Yaoguai to deal with when the player obtains one.

Places to find Yaoguai (spawned by a Peach Wood Sword):

  • South of Night Market on a walking bridge over a wide street
  • Police Station between Night Market and Waterfront
  • East exit from highway towards small docks (East of Night Market, Southwest of Waterfront)
  • East of Lu Mei Alley and North of Kam Chuck Overpass
  • Lok Fu Park
  • North West corner of Waterfront
  • Aphotecary shop South East of Temple
  • Intersection of wide street and street leading to Temple (North West of Yau Ling Park)
  • Two Yaoguai (one at entrance, one South side) at the big docks North East of Waterfront
  • Night Market entrance in front of the Golden Koi
  • Apartment entrance

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