Welcome to Zodiac Island
Start Zodiac Island dock
End Zodiac Island temple
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none Trial By Fire

Welcome to Zodiac Island is a mission in Sleeping Dogs. It is included in the Zodiac Tournament Pack DLC.

Inspector Teng sends Wei a text message informing him about some illegal fights happening on a secret island. She has secured him an invite to the tournament.

After arriving at the ferry (marked as Zodiac Tournament on the map), a 1970s martial arts-style cutscene plays as Wei and his fellow competitors arrive on the island. You'll then be directed to climb the stairs to the temple. Be sure to grab the Fire Opal Statues along the way. There is one on the beach immediately to the right of the dock, and the another inside a building on the left side of the second landing of the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, the Tournament Master welcomes the fighters. After the cutscene is over, speak to your competitors. You can also get a damage bonus from using the practice forms and find two more Fire Opal Statues on either side of the locked building behind the Tournament Master and his guards.

Speak to the Tournament Master to continue.

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