Water Street Gang
Winston Chu, the leader of the Water Street Gang, with Vincent and Duke.
Appearance(s): Sleeping Dogs
Locations: North Point, Hong Kong
Leaders: Winston Chu (2000-2012)[1]
Wei Shen (2012)
Type: Sun On Yee Faction
Enemies: Jade Gang
18K Triad
Affiliations: Sun On Yee
Vehicles: Ridge Sport (Payback)
860 MHC
Businesses: Drug Dealing, Extortion, Bus Routes
Fronts: Golden Koi
Club Bam Bam

The Water Street Gang is a faction of the Sun On Yee Triad led by Red Pole Winston Chu. They control part of North Point in Hong Kong. Most of their activities involve low-level crimes such as burglary, protection for local businesses and petty thievery. Because of this relatively low status, the Water Street Gang does not posses a great number of firearms and as a result, members tend to rely on fighting with fists or melee weapons such as knives rather than using guns on a daily basis. However, in several missions, such as Payback, many of the gang members are seen carrying pistols. Their leader, Winston Chu, also owns a 50. caliber, gold plated Desert Eagle, which the player may briefly use at one point in the game.

The Water Street Gang earn a significant amount of money from the Golden Koi restaurant and the successful nightclub, Club Bam Bam. Both of these establishments are owned and largely run by the gang.

They're currently in conflict with the Jade Gang, another Sun On Yee faction led by Sam Lin.

Water Street is a location in real-life Hong Kong.



  1. Mentioned in True Crime LA