Wangan GSX
"The ultimate autosports appliance: a technological triumph."
―In game description

The Wangan GSX is a vehicle featured in Sleeping Dogs.

It is based on the Nissan GT-R and Nissan 370z. In the real world, the GT-R (and also its predecessors, the Skyline GT-R) is a popular car for highway runs.

The Wangan GSX has a radio ad. In the advert, it's said that it has a 6-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. This, in fact, is a nod to the real-life Nissan GT-R, which also has both 6-speed automatic transmission (with manual mode and dual clutch) and all-wheel drive. Its slogan, "A legend in the making" is also a nod to Nissan GT-R's continuing popularity.

The description refers to GT-R's predecessors' reputation for winning many races and Nissan GT-R's technological advancement achieved through long process of research and development (it took 5 years just to develop the GT-R).

Wangan (湾岸) is a Japanese word, referring to Japan's Bayshore Route expressways which stretch 70 kilometers between Yokohama and Ichikawa and bypasses through Tokyo.


  • If a Wangan GSX is painted white (as shown in picture), it looks very similar to Mine's GT-R R35. However, Wangan GSX's canards are notably longer than real-life Mine's GT-R's canards.
  • The name "Wangan" was derived from Japanese waterfront highway system.
  • A custom version of the Wangan GSX which appeared in the "Cheaters Never Prosper" mission and street races has vinyls that read "GSX" and "Kumbo" on it. Note that "GSX" is a clear pun on "GT-R" and "Kumbo" is a pun on "Kumho", a Korean tire manufacturer.
    • "GSX" is also similar to NSX,a car from the Japanese manufacturer Honda.
  • Other stickers that may appear on the customized Wangan GSX are "BFS" (a clear pun on HKS, a Japanese tuning company), and "fallgn" (stylized in a way that it resembles Fidanza's logo. Fidanza itself is a clutch, flywheel and cam gear manufacturer).
  • Wangan GSX has more circular bodywork (most notably, at its front bumper) than the real-life Nissan GT-R, which has many sharp angles on its bodywork.
  • It is one of the only A-class vehicles to have a trunk.


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