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Victoria Peak is a location in Sleeping Dogs.


Victoria Peak is a visitable park, with 2 lockboxes. One of them has a CS 750 motorcycle nearby. 2 big fountains can be seen, as well as a vending machine, and an ice cream vender. The surrounding roads link Aberdeen, Central, and Kennedy Town together. This is where the date with Amanda Cartwright takes place, as well as part of the final lead of the Hotshot case. One of the fountains has some nearby stationary binoculars, however Wei cannot use them. Victoria Peak exists in real life.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs


  • North Point is the only district that is not directly linked to Victoria Peak.
  • After competition of the date with Sandra, 2 more Street Races will immediately become available. One of them starts at Victoria Peak, and ends in Central. The other one goes the other way; it starts in Central, and ends at Victoria Peak. Both require Wei to use a Class A car. In addition, both are required for the Achievement/Trophy Wei of the Road. It requires Wei to complete all Street Races.


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