Vendor Extortion
Start Golden Koi
End Golden Koi
Rewards HK $800
Field Report: Winston Chu
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Going Under Night Market Chase
"Winston instructs Wei to re-establish control over a local street vendor protection racket, bringing Wei into the conflict with the thugs of Dogeyes Lin, another local gangster."
―Game description.
Vendor Extortion is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Collect Extortion money from vendors in the market

Wei and Jackie must collect money for the Sun On Yee's Water Street Gang from the local vendors, but not every vendor will give up the money so easily.

Follow Jackie through the Night Market to the first waypoint marker. On your way, you may pass other booths that sell consumable items that can increase stats. Feel free to purchase any to give your character a temporary boost. First up, is the electronics vendor. Approach him to ask for the money.

He hands the cash over easy. Next up, the watch vendor. Walk further down the street and follow the street as it hooks left. Approach him and demand the money for Winston. The watch vendor believes Dogeyes controls the market, and refuses, which prompts a thug to attack. Grapple him and take him to the phone booth for an environmental grapple. The watch vendor is convinced now, go and collect the money from him.

Next up, the produce vendor. Walk through down the street to find him. The produce vendor refuses as well and brings in a whole group of thugs to deal with you. Dispatch the foes and collect from the vendor afterwards.


Protect the butcher from the thugs.

Last up, the butcher. Follow the market’s road down and you’ll spot some trouble. The vendor is being harassed by some thugs, who were demanding money from the butcher. Defeat the thugs and protect the butcher. Wei promises that no gang trouble will occur under Winston’s protection, and the butcher will gladly pay.

Purchase clothes from the clothes vendor

Before heading back to Winston, Jackie proposes Wei to purchase some new clothes. So follow him to the clothing stand where you can purchase new threads for Wei. Browse the selection and purchase some new clothes if you desire (you are not required to). Afterwards, exit out of the shop and follow Jackie back to Winston.

Rewards: HK $800

Conroy ‘congratulates’ Wei’s success, and says he’s not impressed. More must be done to gain the trust of the Water Street Gang. Before you can advance to the next mission, you must complete a favor for a street vendor. Approach the woman behind the vendor in front of you to assist her with a favor.


  • Starting this mission, there's a festival being held within the Night Market. Therefore, the player must only roam around this area and Golden Koi until they complete Night Market Chase.

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