Uncle Po
Meeting Roland Ho
Start Club Bam Bam
End Impound Lot
Rewards HK $2500
Central Apartment
Roland Debt Collection Jobs
Brief: David Wa-Lin "Uncle" Po
Previous Next
Payback Bride to Be
"After the carnage at the packaging plant, Wei has proven his loyalty to the Sun On Yee enough to attract the attention of Uncle Po. Uncle Po asks Wei to do some work in his debt collection racket."
―Game description.
Uncle Po is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Wei Shen enters the Manager's Office of Club Bam Bam to see Winston Chu talking in a soft manner. Jackie tells Wei that Winston is speaking to the Chairman of the Sun On Yee . Winston then tells Wei that he is going to meet Uncle Po. Wei drives Winston to Uncle Po's apartment as they both talk about their brotherhood. Wei and Winston arrive at Uncle Po's apartment where Ricky Wong asks Winston what's going on. He then tells the duo to 'have fun'.

Upon meeting with Uncle Po, Po tells Wei that he wishes to award him for his loyalty. Wei declines only to get scolded by Po. Po tells Wei that the Sun On Yee's debt collector, Roland Ho, needs some assistance. As Wei leaves, Po proceeds to talk with Winston as Pockmark Cheuk looks at Wei.

Upon meeting with Roland, he advises Wei to "not go against your own Triad unless someone is backing you". Roland proceeds to give Wei his task, collect Patsy Wang's debt, while introducing Wei to the Machine Pistol. While on his way to meet Patsy, Winston calls to tell Wei that he is getting married soon and asks Wei to stop by the Golden Koi to help out with the wedding preparations. Jackie than calls and is relieved to know that Winston left him alive.

After a car chase with Patsy and her 18K backups defeated by Wei's new gun, she constantly apologizes to Wei that she does not have the money. Instead, she has Four Finger Wu's drugs in the trunk of her car. She then jumps out of the car and runs away.

Roland then calls Wei. Although Wei does not have the money, he, however, accepts Wu's drugs as an alternative payment. Wei proceeds to bring the car to Roland's garage and then the mission ends.


Raymond texts Wei to go meet at the harbor. Raymond expresses his displeasure about the destruction of Siu Wah's warehouse and concerns about the police's involvements. He tells Wei that if he handed over Siu Wah, everything might be alright, and Wei tells him that it will put the whole operations at risk. Raymond decided to pull Wei off the case because he's dangerous but surprised when he finds out that Wei had met the chairman of the Sun On Yee today, as it is impossible because he was just a low-rank foot soldier. Wei explains that he just got marked for promotion because he kept Siu Wah alive, and tells Raymond to read his report before going off.

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