Turf was a feature in Triad Wars.

Turf is where Triad Enforcers control their criminal empire from, they allow Enforcers to produce and store goods and money in, as well as launder money into Gold and hire contacts in the form of Racket Bosses. Turfs offer building space for a number of different Production Rackets and come pre-equipped with Safehouse, Warehouse and Temple. Turfs are a major part of Triad Wars forming both the strategy and competitive portions of the game. Enforcers build and shape their empire in-game via the Turf Manager, protecting their own Turf as well as assaulting Turfs of rival Enforcers during raids. A total of 7 Turfs is spread over North Point at any given time. 6 Turfs of the rival enforcers and one owned by Players themselves reaching them is possible using and of the methods of travel found in the game. Turfs are populated with staff and customers during free-roam allowing players to freely explore the various facilities contained within. Entering a Turf, be it your own or one of the Rival Enfocers, clears all Heat Levels and stops the Police pursuit immediately. Rival Turfs can be entered with cars your own Turf however cannot. Likewise, entering your Turf prevents player character from engaging in combat entirely. Turfs can be protected completely using one of the Turf Shield Favors.

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