Triad Enforcer Car
"All-terrain turbo without boundaries."
―In game description

The Triad Enforcer Car is a vehicle featured in Sleeping Dogs. It is available in the 'Triad Enforcer Pack' DLC. Contains an exclusive Golden cleaver in its trunk which Wei cannot lose after using three times similar to the Sword that he obtains by default if wearing the Lightning warrior outfit. It is based on Taikai hatchback, which is based on real-life Subaru Impreza WRX STI hatchback.

The in-game description clearly refers to Subaru Impreza's well-known performance, especially in gravel, due to 4WD system and a turbocharged engine.

This car is modified with charcoal black paint, a dragon vinyl (to identify it as a Triad car), yellow-painted rims (typical in modified tuners), and possibly a complete performance upgrades since this version is a Class A car (ultra-high performance vehicles/supercars), whereas standard Taikai is a Class B tuner car.


  • Wei cannot obtain the Golden Cleaver if he is wearing the Cultist outfit just like any weapon that he can obtain from car trunks(Pump action shotgun from Police Cars or Tire Iron from any car) as he will still plant a bomb on its trunk, and the game will subsequently prompt the player to detonate the bomb.

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