Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Tran
Status:  Alive
Gender:  Male
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese or possibly Vietnamese
Family:  Jackie Ma (Nephew; Deceased)
Main affiliation:  Sun On Yee
Vehicle(s):  Various
Businesses:  Black market car dealer
Chop Shop
Voiced by:  Feodor Chin
"I need a sports car. Let me ask the customer the specifics. I'll text them over."
―Tran, telling Wei to steal a sports car.

Tran is the uncle of Jackie Ma and a black market chop shop car dealer.

Tran hires Wei Shen, over the phone, to steal him certain vehicles and bring them back to him. Since Wei is an associate of Tran, he can also buy vehicles from his chop shop. There are 20 jobs available to Wei from Tran.

Main Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs

  • Civil Discord
  • Car Deliveries: Sparc (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Bisai (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Drifter GT (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: 600 Coupe (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Kleinod (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Gopher (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Taikai Hatchback (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Green Taxi (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Enterprise (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Bismark (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Ridge Sport (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Hassha (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Wangan GSX (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Limo (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Terre (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Panzer (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Blast (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Tuono GTS (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Etalon (Voice)
  • Car Deliveries: Velocita (Voice)


  • Tran (Trần) is possibly Vietnamese, since his name is of Vietnamese origin, where the Chinese translation of Tran can be Chan.

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