Ting's T-Shirt is an optional favor in Sleeping Dogs.

Find Ting at the southernmost clothing store in North Point. She asks Wei to assist her in a new series of shirt designs to boost her flagging sales.

Take your vehicle or the nearby motorcycle to the Temple. Walk up the stairs to the very top and get your phone out to take a photo of the altar.

Next, head to the highway seawall. You need a picture of a sunset, so Wei will wait at the waypoint until just the right time. Take your camera out, and the nearby man poses. Wei will yell at him to get out of the way, but the drunk man responds that he just can't resist a camera. You'll need to beat him up before you can take the picture. Do so, then try again. Note: you may need to take several pictures before one of them is acceptable.

Rewards: HK $500


Sleeping Dogs - Face Side Mission 12 - Tings T Shirt04:26

Sleeping Dogs - Face Side Mission 12 - Tings T Shirt

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