Thomas Pendrew
Pendrew headshot
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Thomas Pendrew
Status:  Incarcerated
Gender:  Male
Place of birth:  Britain
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  British
Main affiliation:  Hong Kong Police Department
Voiced by:  Tom Wilkinson
"You must be a very dangerous man, Wei Shen. That is exactly what we want people to think."
―Thomas Pendrew

Thomas Pendrew is a character in Sleeping Dogs. He is a superintendent of the Hong Kong Police Department. Pendrew is the senior officer and supervisor of undercover police officer Wei Shen during his operation to bring down the Sun On Yee. He starts as a supporting character but later serves as the game's secondary antagonist.


Thomas Pendrew joined the HKPD a few years before the Sino-British Joint Declaration, spending his entire career in a special branch anti-triad taskforce. In 1981, Pendrew made a breakthrough in his career when he participated in police operation that led to the deaths of Big Fish Chu, Wilson “No Cash” Wang, and Fat Sammy Zhang. Pendrew made the breakthrough due to his collaboration with triad red pole, David Wai Lin “Uncle” Po. The two struck another deal shortly after: Po would sell out the Three Tigers, the Sun On Yee leaders, to Pendrew to be arrested. This would allow Po ascension to the position of Chairman and immunity for himself and Sonny Wo, a business partner and triad associate. Pendrew successfully arrested the Three Tigers, which earned him recognition and a career advancement from Interpol who promoted Pendrew to Superintendent.

Pendrew subsequently met with Po, now the Sun On Yee chairman, to discuss further plans. Po agreed to minimize the level of public violence in triad activities and would provide scapegoats to satisfy Pendrew's career, arrest and conviction record. In return, Pendrew granted Po immunity, avoided deep investigation in Po's activities and occasionally gave him access to HKPD's senior personnel records. However, Pendrew was caught on surveillance and became a subject of internal affairs investigation. Pendrew was able to deflect suspicions by claiming that his meetings with Po were a means of utilizing an inside triad source, furthermore Pendrew's record was clean of evidence scandal or taking bribes.

Years later by 2010, Pendrew noticed a change within Sun On Yee, there was a clear indication of violent territorial disputes and even civil war between the two Sun On Yee factions. As a result, Pendrew betrayed Po and intended to have him arrested and undo the Sun On Yee. Pendrew and Detective Raymond Mak assigned Charles Ho to go undercover into the Sun On Yee, however he failed in maintaining his cover and was subsequently tortured and murdered by the legendary enforcer Liu Shen Tong. While searching for a new candidate, Pendrew came across the records of San Francisco Police Officer Wei Shen, who already had a distinguished career and aptitude in undercover work. Pendrew requested Wei come over to Hong Kong for the assignment.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

After Wei was arrested for being caught during a drug bust involving Naz and Four Finger Wu, Thomas and Raymond Mak entered the interrogation room. It was revealed that Wei is actually an undercover officer, and that his arrest was actually planned in order to make contact with Jackie Ma, in order to get close to Winston Chu the leader of The Water Street Gang, a faction of the Sun On Yee. Pendrew assigned Wei to bring down their Chairman, Uncle Po, believing Wei to be perfect for the job. After Wei left the room, Raymond, acting as Wei's handler, expressed doubt over Wei's ability to keep within the police procedure because of his history with the 18K Triad, but Pendrew assured Raymond that he was a suitable candidate.

"Congratulations, Teng, so now you know. Maybe now we can make sure we're helping Wei, not making his job harder than it already is."
―Pendrew, after telling Teng Wei's true identity as an undercover officer

Wei was again later caught and arrested for assaulting Ming on the rooftops of the Night Market. While being interrogated by Inspector Jane Teng, Pendrew intervened, revealing to Teng Shen’s status as an undercover cop, to her surprise, and granted his release. Pendrew warned Wei to be more careful and not to compromise his cover.

"I’m sure you’ve noticed that guns are something of a rarity in Hong Kong."

After retrieving a gun, specifically a pistol, belonging to a Triad member, Charlie Pang, which was given to him by Tiffany Kim, Wei contacted Raymond to hand in the gun as evidence for the case. However, Pendrew met with Wei instead in the vicinity of a shootout. Pendrew talked and recreated the shootout with Shen. Pendrew shot a dead Triad member with Pang's gun, leaving it behind at the scene as hard evidence to incriminate and arrest Pang for murder.

Uncle Po himself was eventually hospitalized due to serious wounds sustained after an attack at Winston's wedding. Pendrew visited Po in the hospital and explained that he planned to advance his career even further, hence decided to silence both Sonny Wo and Uncle Po to ensure no incriminating evidence against him. Pendrew injected lethal chemicals into the IV and watched Po die.

Wei later met with Pendrew, revealing that he was possession of video footage of Ricky Wong and Vivienne Lu. Wei negotiated with Pendrew the release of Jackie in exchange for the evidence, but was ordered by Pendrew to cease his undercover work and warned to stay away from the Triads. Wei refused to do this, as this could result in Big Smile Lee taking over and making things worse for the Sun On Yee and the HKPD. As Wei left, Pendrew warned him that he'd end up making a mistake if he keeps going with the case. Wei attended Uncle Po’s funeral with his fellow red poles, during which Sonny was arrested by Pendrew. To make matters worse, Pendrew betrayed Wei by leaving him and the red poles to be slaughtered by the 18K Triad. Pendrew later revealed to Big Smile Lee Wei's status as an undercover cop, hoping he would kill Wei.

Pendrew proceeded to blackmail Vivienne in order to testify against Sonny Wo. With Sonny’s conviction, Pendrew earned a promotion within the Interpol. Although it was apparent to Shen and Raymond that Pendrew was corrupt, his new position meant that he was too powerful to be challenged. However, thanks to Broken Nose Jiang, Wei received a video, containing security footage of Pendrew assassinating Uncle Po in hospital, hence was arrested for conspiracy and murder.

"Whatever I did, I made Hong Kong a better place."
―Thomas Pendrew to Wei Shen

Wei visited Pendrew in custody, where Pendrew explained that he betrayed Wei because he didn’t trust him for getting personally close to the triads, hence was meant to die at Big Smile Lee’s hands for being an undercover cop. Wei revealed that all the triad prisoners were informed of Uncle Po’s murder and Pendrew's role in it, the two of them knew well enough that Pendrew would suffer brutally and even die at hands of the vengeful inmates, leaving Wei almost satisfied. Pendrew would spend the remainder of his days in prison. He called it a "fucking death sentence" and said that he wouldn't even last a day in there. This is highly ironic, as Pendrew tried to sentence Wei to death by revealing his status as an undercover cop to Big Smile Lee. Despite his plea, Wei said that was the plan. Regardless, Pendrew's career with the HKPD was officially over for good.


"Wei, I know who you are. You're just like me. You do what must be done."
―Thomas Pendrew

Pendrew built his career by taking down the triads and has been quite successful. When it comes to his undercover operatives, Pendrew needs to feel in control of the whole situation. As long as the operative is doing their job, Pendrew likes to position himself as a supportive fatherly figure, however, he will not hesitate to cut his agents loose should he feel their actions warrant it. Pendrew is driven by an "ends justify the means" attitude, hence he has collaborated with criminals before and even betrayed them and fellow officers to advance his career and gain results. To this end, Pendrew also bends the rules and violates procedures.

"The only difference between you and me is that I know what I am..."
―Uncle Po to Thomas Pendrew before he dies
Ultimately, Pendrew is loyal to his duty as a police officer, if only misguided and genuinely wants to make Hong Kong a better and safer place. However, the underlying flaw to Pendrew's character is that he is uncaring, corrupt and serves only his ideals, if not himself, which ultimately, brings forth his own demise.

Pendrew is shown to be a hypocrite. When Wei told Pendrew he informed every prisoner that Pendrew killed Uncle Po, he protested by saying it was a death sentence much like the one he gave Wei when he leaked to Big Smile Lee that Wei was an undercover officer.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs

Murders Committed

  • Uncle Po - Assassinated by injecting lethal chemicals into his IV bag.


  • Although not said, it is likely that towards the end, Pendrew's promotion earned him the rank of Senior Superintendent or even Commissioner.
  • In the article "Anatomy of an NPC" on the Sleeping Dogs official site, it was revealed through concept art that Pendrew's original first name was Leonard.