The Wedding
Wei and the newlyweds.
Start Aspirazone in Central
End North Point Apartment
Rewards Wedding Suit
Social Worker Casefile - Mimi Shen
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Bride to Be Mrs. Chu's Revenge
"Winston and Peggy are enjoying their big day. Wei is grabbing a case of wine from the parking log when screaming and shooting are suddenly heard from inside the now-locked banquet hall."
―Game description.
The Wedding is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


The mission begins with Wei arriving at Winston's wedding. He congratulates Winston for getting married, and at that moment Uncle Po arrives while Peggy, Mrs. Chu, and Uncle Po are talking, Winston asks Wei to get Uncle Po's favorite wine from his SUV. As he is taking the wine out, Wei suddenly hears screams and gunshots. He drops the case and runs to the wedding banquet hall.


Wei will run back to the church main gate with newly arrived Jackie who later leaves to call for backup. The main gate turns out to be locked, and you must get into to rooftops via platforms to enter the hall through the upper storage.

When you get inside the church, you will see several gangsters disguising as waiters beat up the guests. Defeat them all and proceed to the double doors downstairs. A shootout occurs, and you have to snatch the handgun from the first goon to kill the rest. Use covers and vault-shooting to your advantage.

Wei will arrive to help the grievously injured Winston and Peggy. Winston tells Wei to get Peggy out before he dies, but it's too late. Kill two goons that come out from the storage and make your way to the ballroom.

A massive shootout occurs in the ballroom, and you will see that Uncle Po has been hit. You must take care of all assassins before proceed through the lower doors. Watch out for a gangster that holding a hostage to maintain your cop score.

After Wei gets out, you have to escort Uncle Po to the hospital before he dies. Take care of any assassins that gets in your way. You can make use of the walls and pillars to take cover while you reloading. After several shootings, get across the street behind the Water Street members who fend off the assassins to get into the hospital and finish the mission.


Raymond texts Wei to meet him at the underpass. Wei, infuriated, tells Raymond about the massacre at Winston's wedding and tells him that he's Winston now. Raymond warns Wei about his duty as an officer and how he worries about Wei being one of the Red Poles. Wei closes the arguments by telling him that he's the HKPD's best shot at taking down the Sun On Yee.


  • Broken Nose Jiang appears to be one of the wedding guests. She is seen talking to the other guests during a cutscene in which Wei meets with Winston.
  • In this mission, the player is first introduced to two automatic weapons, the .45cal SMG and the Assault Rifle.
  • In addition to the wedding suit preset outfit, the player is also rewarded with the individual clothing items worn during this mission.