The Election
Jackie's fate.
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Buried Alive Big Smile Lee
"After escaping from torture, Wei finds out that he's locked in a penthouse suite where Big Smile Lee's entourage are arming up for the aftermath of the election."
―Game description.

The Election is the penultimate mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Wei is sent a text message by Jackie informing Wei that he is going to show him something. Later, Wei goes to the meeting location, only to find Jackie hanging from a pipe disembowled. Wei attempts to cut Jackie down, but is knocked unconscious.

Later, he wakes up whilst strapped on a chair. He then meets the Sun On Yee's most feared enforcer, Liu Shen Tong, who had discovered Wei's true identity as an undercover agent. Though Wei tries to deny this, Tong tells him that a cop had been in this chair for 48 hours and see if he can get a new record. Tong then proceeds to tortures him with a scalpel, hammer, and a power drill while Wei is having a flashbacks over the previous events. Tong then tells Wei that Jiang would be disgraced over this revelation, while Big Smile Lee will become the next chairman of the Sun On Yee. He leaves Wei and tells his henchmen to call him back later.


Wei then wakes up after he is fainted, only to be knocked out by a gangster and falls unconscious again. He wakes up for the third time and decided to escape from the building.


Crawl to the electric saw that was in front of Wei. Then wiggle the left analog stick to break free from your cuffs. Rotate the left analog to break free your feet. A gangster will notice you trying to escape and attempts to kill you. Press triangle/Y when the button prompt appears to strangle him with a light cable. After that, go to the door and sneak attack the enemy from behind. Proceed further and enter the door.

You will see a bunch of Mr. Tong's goons there. Since you have gained your fighting moves back, beat them all up and show no mercy. After you have dealt with them, go to the door and follow the waypoint. At some point, Wei will jump and almost fall to his death. Press X/A quickly to recover. Proceed further and take down the people trying to stop you.

A goon with a shotgun will appear to check out what happened. Disarm him, and take his shotgun. Go through the door and kill the gangster below you (or you can use him as a human shield). His friends will then come and try to kill Wei. Kill all of them, and switch weapons if your ammo is low. Make your way across the area until you arrive at the sauna room.

Wei will now have to face two of Big Smile Lee's enforcers. They cannot be grabbed so counter their attacks if necessary (unless your face effect can disable their effects). After you finish them off, Mr. Tong will arrive and attempt to kill you himself.

Mr. Tong is not so tough if you can counter most of his attacks. But be careful as sometimes a QTE event will appear and you have to push designated button to help Wei counters Mr. Tong's attack. When Tong's health is low, counter his final attack to make Wei stabs him with his own machete. Enraged over Jackie's death, Wei beats Mr. Tong to death and takes his cellphone. He then tracks down Big Smile Lee's location and vows revenge. Wei then takes Mr. Tong's clothes, along with his machete and steals his car before heading to Big Smile Lee's location, thus commencing the final mission.


The name of this mission might be a nod to the eponymous Hong Kong movie Election, which is centred around the struggle of rival gang leaders during the election for the new triad chairman.

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