Tactical Soldier Pack
"Enforce the streets in style with a powerful new weapon and armour."
―Official Description.
The Tactical Soldier Pack is a DLC for Sleeping Dogs.

The Tactical Soldier Pack is available to download from Xbox LIVE (160MSP), PlayStation Network ($1.99 / €1.49 / £1.19/AU$2.15) and Steam ($1.99 /€1.49 / £1.19).

Website Description

Command authority as you dominate the streets with the TACTICAL SOLDIER PACK. Prepare to take on all that Hong Kong throws your way, fully equipped with the strongest armour and most destructive weapon in the game. The Assault Rifle from ‘The Funeral’ and ‘Civil Discord’ missions (with its under-barrel grenade launcher) will be readily available at each of your apartments alongside the Tactical Outfit, the game’s most powerful personal protection. Always accessible, grab them whenever you feel the need to unleash a display of force.


  • The Assualt Rifle will automatically be equipped when the Tactical Soldier Outfit is equipped.
  • After picking up the Assault Rifile from the player's safehouse, it will not respawn for several in-game days.
The outfit is considered a Police outfit and as such, the player is able to handcuff and taser enemies while equipped (Year of the Snake must be installed)


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