Submachine Guns are a type of Firearm in Sleeping Dogs. These weapons deal light damage, but they have the fastest fire rate out of all weapons.


.45cal SMG

This weapon has a 25 round magazine with 100 rounds in reserve. Damage is light, but the SMG has a quick fire rate, making it best for close-medium range encounters due to the spread when firing. It is commonly carried by the Triads and SWAT soldiers at heat level five.

There is also a golden version of the .45cal SMG. It is available during the Triad Highway mission with the Triad Enforcer Pack DLC. The SMG without the taclight cannot be obtained without the use of mods. This weapon resembles the Heckler And Koch UMP9.

Machine Pistol

This weapon has a 40 round magazine with 160 rounds in reserve. The fire rate is very fast, and can be used when driving a Vehicle. The machine pistol is also provided on some missions, sometimes the gun has infinite ammunition.

The weapon is used by HKPD officers, at heat level 4. It does not have any attachments. The machine pistol resembles the Heckler And Koch MP7.

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