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Welcome to the Sleeping Dogs Wiki

Sleeping Dogs is an new game published by Square Enix.
It was released on August 14 in North America, on August 16 in Australia and on August 17 in Europe.

This wiki contains spoilers, strong language and graphic image or contents.

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Wei Shen is the main protagonist of the game Sleeping Dogs. He is an Chinese-American undercover police officer who is tasked with going undercover for the Hong Kong Police Department to infiltrate the Triads. Wei is a very talented martial artist, shooter and driver... Read More...
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Sleeping Dogs (VG) (2012) - 101 trailer04:25

Sleeping Dogs (VG) (2012) - 101 trailer

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  • Marijus Pikelis

    I'm very happy to say that we have some awesome news, and it is the announcement of Sleeping Dogs sequel! These are the news i was waiting for and finally it came true! Very glad and very excited about it.

    Read more >
  • The Tom

    October DLC Revealed

    September 23, 2012 by The Tom

    The add-on content for October has been revealed! Read this.

    • The Street Racer Pack - October 16th
    • The Tactical Soldier Pack - October 16th
    • The SWAT Pack - October 23rd
    • The Screen Legends Pack - October 24th
    • Nightmare in North Point - October 30th
    Read more >
  • Marijus Pikelis

    Sleeping Dogs Reviews

    September 10, 2012 by Marijus Pikelis

    The reviews are in! And they're good, with metascores hovering around 80%. We always knew Sleeping Dogs was great fun, and we're ever so glad you agree. Critics have praised the complex story straight out of a Hong Kong movie, the sophisticated combat system, and the vibran…

    Read more >
  • TheBlueRogue

    I have started a mission-by-mission walkthrough of Sleeping Dogs that can be found here.

    The walkthrough currently encompasses the prologue/introduction to the game, followed by the next four missions (Vender Extortion, Night Market Chase, Stick Up and Delivery, Mini Bus Rac…

    Read more >
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