Shooting is a gameplay mechanic in Sleeping Dogs and Triad Wars.

The shooting mechanics in Sleeping Dogs and Triad Wars plays a major role in the game's playing. The player can opt between standing in the open and shooting down enemies, and taking cover with the use of the slide-in cover system which is described as "Aggressive Cover", or shoot an explosive object (gas barrels, cars, or any objects that blows up) to take out nearby hostiles. While in cover, the player can blind-fire at their target to keep an enemy a distance away from the player, or lean around their cover and shoot the target for better aiming with the risk of taking damage. If the player does not have a gun, the player can disarm an enemy and take the gun for themselves (there is a faster disarming animation if the player has the police upgrade for this move). The player (if without guns) can disarm an enemy while vaulting over an object, and takes the gun after delivering one punch to knock out a gunman. In heavy situations, the player can use an enemy as a human shield, but the player is vulnerable at their sides and back during this. While driving a vehicle/watercraft, Wei can shoot while driving. If the player shoots the tires on an enemy's vehicle, the player automatically goes into slow-motion thus making it easier (if annoying for some players) to finish off a vehicle's passengers. What is unique to Sleeping Dogs is that, when the player vaults over an object after taking cover and enters slow-mo even after jumping over an object. While in slow-motion every single living/non-living thing slows entirely down (including the player, but aiming capabilities are retained from reality) for amazing effects. The player can extend the duration of slow-motion by scoring kills (headshots extends the slow-mo effect for longer) on enemies while using a gun; however, slow-motion ends if the player does not kill a certain amount of enemies by a certain amount of time or by manually letting go of the over-the-shoulder zoom button.

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