The Sampan is a boat in Sleeping Dogs.


The Sampan is a traditional flat-bottomed boat. Along with the large number of houseboats, they are an iconic part of harbour life in Aberdeen and a frequent tourist attraction. In game, all the Sampans share the same model: a canvas canopy, an open front section and rows of seating at the rear and sides.

Performance is rather brisk for a wooden boat, though nowhere near that of more modern boats like the Jet 620V. Due to it's large rudder and short, stubby profile, it can turn almost in it's own length at low speeds, but it quickly loses it's handling abilities at full throttle. Turning sharply at considerable speed tends to make the stern drift in the opposite direction to the steering, and with it's sluggish turning in these conditions it can become rather difficult to pull it back into shape without slowing to a crawl.

The word sampan comes from Indonesia and Malaysia which also looks different than the one in the game.


The Sampan is mostly found in the Aberdeen fishing village area and can often be found at the end of the various jetties and walkways between houseboats in the harbour surrounding Wei's Aberdeen apartment.

In terms of specific locations, there is a boardwalk area below the highway to North Point which usually has two or three Sampans. It's located west and slightly to the north of the Cockfighting location at the bottom of the map (Almost directly above the Aberdeen Gambling Den). There should be two grey 'prongs' sticking out into the sea alongside the road on the map. The Sampans are at the northern tip of it.

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