Ridge sport
"Ready to conquer any parking lot, in style."
―In game description

The Ridge Sport is a vehicle featured in Sleeping Dogs. It is most likely based on the Range Rover Sport, although it has obvious design cues from the Mitsubishi Pajero, and some minor details from other cars as well.

It's not a particularly agile car, but its size is enough for ramming smaller cars, shown when in a cutscene Ponytail rammed Jackie Ma's smaller-sized 860 MHC sports car after a car chase.

Since Ridge Sport is a large and heavy car, it's placed in Class D, same class with Bismarck, an ultra-luxury coupe and the game's largest coupe. It has a police variant (which classified as Class B, much higher than the civilian version).


Notable Owners

Ponytail owns a silver one.

Conroy Wu owns a Red one as seen in Payback.

Winston Chu owns one as seen in the mission The Wedding.

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