Revenge X2
Rewards Report - Hell Money
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Clean out the Rats Ghosts of the Past

Revenge X2 is a mission in Sleeping Dogs. It is included in the 'Nightmare in North Point' DLC.


Wei arrives over to Siu Wah's warehouse, where Vincent tells him that Dogeyes has regained control of the place.


Wei must go head to head with members of the Jade Gang, all of whom have been possessed by Dogeyes. After defeating them, Wei chases Dogeyes into the warehouse, fighting off the Jiang Shi and the Yaoguai who stand in the way, all while Dogeyes taunts Wei by revealing that he found Wei's sister in the afterlife and continued their relationship. Eventually, Wei will defeat Dogeyes in a fight and put his spirit into the incinerator, burning him back to hell.

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