Reports are sent to Wei's cell phone after completing missions. They give background information about him and other characters in the game.

SFPD File - Biographical Notes, Wei Shen

Name: Wei Shen

Rank: Detective, SFPD

Age: 28

Biographical data as submitted to SFPD application:

Moved to San Francisco from Hong Kong at age 10 with mother (Margaret Shen) and (Mimi Shen). Attended PS 121 High School, graduated 2002 with honors. Enrolled in SF Bay University September 2002, majoring in politics.

Voluntarily departed SF State 2004 to pursue other career options.

Applied to SFPD June 1, 2006.

No criminal record or known criminal associates. All drug tests negative.

Graduated top of the 2007 police academy class.

Academy Advisor Recommendation: Cadet Shen has demonstrated high intelligence, good physical skills, and a natural aptitude for police work. He is equally adept in the classroom and on the training grounds and is an ideal candidate for detective work.

Cadet Shen has also demonstrated a familiarity with the asian gang structure and culture in San Francisco and a deep understanding of the way in which these organizations operate.

Due to the department's lack of qualified Asian-American candidates and the demand for Cantonese-speaking officers, I highly recommend that Cadet Shen be assigned immediately to the plainclothes anti-Tong task force.

SFPD File - Wei Shen (IA Update)

As a preliminary component of our investigation into the murder of Jimmy 'One-Eye' Chan, IA detectives cross-checked Officer Shen's biographical data and found the following irregularities:

- Subject did graduate PS 121 with honors but was reprimanded six times for violence and/or fighting. His guidance counselor file includes the note 'Wei Shen can be an exemplary student at times. But I am concerned that his association with known criminals may set him on the wrong path.' Please see IA file 2603B for further details.

SFPD - Psychological Evaluation, Wei Shen

Subject referred for clinical evaluation per departmental procedure prior to extended deep cover assignment.

Protocol:  Subject met with Cynthia Dunn, SFPD departmental psychologist for a series of controlled interviews and behavioral tests.


Officer Shen is a highly intelligent, self-aware, and generally balanced individual.  He exhibits a strong moral system and has a clear understanding of the risks involved in long-term undercover work.

I am concerned, however, that the underlying social and cultural factors that may make him an effective undercover operative also expose him to psychological, emotional, and procedural risk.

Officer Shen was relocated to the United States as an adolescent and has never had a strong father figure or male role-model.  Consequently his sense of identity and self is more malleable than officers who spent their formative years rooted in a single cultural identity.

This makes him highly adaptable and provides him with certain chameleon-like tendencies that will serve him well when infiltrating a tightly knit criminal organization.  However, the lack of a strong cultural grounding or sense of 'home' may be a problem over the course of a prolonged undercover operation.  If the chameleon is left too long in a given environment he may forget his original color.  Controlling officers must be careful to ensure that Shen's first loyalty is the police department and that the chameleon doesn't change permanently.

Though generally self-aware, Shen does not recognize the malleability of his sense of self.  This makes the lack of cultural or familial anchors all the more dangerous, as he may not be aware of shifting loyalties or point of view until it is too late.

SFPD - Psychological Evaluation, Wei Shen (Revised)

Revised psychological assessment Per request from SFPD IA, June 16, 2010

In response to SFPD investigation #2011-a56 (see SFPD Internal Affairs Preliminary Report, 2010-A-4322) a revised evaluation of subject was conducted via personal interviews.

Officer Shen exhibited symptoms of prolonged stress, psychological dislocation, and exhaustion.  All of these symptoms are consistent with operational conditions and do not constitute abnormal psychological behavior under the circumstances.

The contention of IA investigations that Officer Shen has lost psychological reference points is not substantiated by interviews or this physician's expert opinion.  Officer Shen remains fully aware of who he is, his role as an undercover officer, and the rule of law.

IA investigator note:

Do not show to HKPD union lawyers or defense counsel.  Analyst biased.

SFPD IA Preliminary Report, shooting of June 12, 2010

On, or about June 12, 2010 the body of Ming Ming Trin was found floating in the water midway between Alcatraz and Fort Point.  He had suffered numerous broken bones, burns, and several lacerations.  Cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head.  Contact burns and stippling indicated an execution style murder from close range.

Internal affairs received a confidential tip June 15, 2010 that the killer was Tong member Wei Shen. The torture and killing allegedly as revenge for Trin selling a fatal dose of heroin to the accused's sister, Mimi Shen (see Mimi Shen Investigative Report).  CI indicated that he had already reported this to CID but that his evidence had been ignored.

IA quickly determined that Shen was an undercover SFPD officer and that an investigation of his sister's death- a file that Officer Shen had access to- implicated Trin.

Lt. Franklin Jakes, Shen's case officer, asserted to IA investigators that Shen was with him at the time of the murder.  However the meeting was not recorded or photographed, and it is the opinion of IA investigator Susan Tran that Jakes was and is lying.

IA requested that Jakes take a polygraph test. Jakes refused and invoked his right to counsel.

A psychological evaluation of Officer Shen (see file SFPD A101-2243) suggests that Shen was unstable and under extreme duress, possibly as a result of the murder, but did not provide evidence sufficient for indictment.

Case file remains open.


Following initial investigation two further CI's confirm that it is 'widely believed' within triad circles that Shen murdered Trin for revenge. Neither CI provided more than hearsay evidence.

Candidate Suitability - Wei Shen

To: Det Superintendant Pendrew

Author: SGT. Raymond Mak


Per your instructions I have reviewed all materials sent by SFPD regarding Officer Shen.  I have taken the liberty, too, of requesting any files or documentation from SFPD's Internal Affairs division. These documents reveal disturbing trends that could jeopardize a deep cover infiltration operation.

Shen has a well-documented history of excessive violence and there is strong circumstantial evidence that he used his status as an undercover police officer to settle personal scores.

While I have not been able to find any direct link between Shen's agenda and the Sun On Yee in Hong Kong, it is safe to assume that his upbringing in Old Prosperity exposed him to the gang and to current gang members.

We have to assume that the same personal ties that make Shen a viable undercover operative may create conflicting agendas and loyalties for him. Bottom line: we cannot be certain that his only agenda here will be law enforcement.

For these reasons I recommend that we turn down SFPD's offer and continue to seek a local solution. I know that you are concerned about timing and the lack of alternatives, but I do not believe that an uncontrolled asset with mixed motivations will serve our long term interests.

News Clipping - San Francisco Metropolitan

By Milo Filipot

Exclusive to the San Francisco Metropolitan

Undercover SFPD officers may have played a leading role in recent gang violence that left six dead and more than twenty injured. Charles 'Two Hat' Chin was found shot to death at the end of MacCredie Rd last week, the latest in a two month-long spike in organized crime violence in San Francisco.

From the beginning, police characterized the violence as gang related, stemming from a turf war between rival Asian 'triads', secret societies that originated in mainland China and currently dominate crime in Hong Kong and much of the Asia-Pacific region. Triads are known for their brutality, so any conflict over territory or power was expected to be bloody.

What's different this time is that some of the key suspects may in face be undercover police officers. Two separate sources have confirmed to the Star that several of those killed recently, including Two Hat Chin, may have died at the hands of sworn SFPD officers operating undercover within one or more triads.

SFPD spokesman Michael Flaherty vehemently denied the allegations. "This kind of rumor-mongering and supposition has no place in respectable journalism. In fact, it may exacerbate gang violence as members go on the hunt for suspected undercover moles.' Flaherty declined to say whether SFPD had undercover officers in organized crime or whether the internal investigations were ongoing.

Meanwhile no suspects have been named and no arrests made.

Social Worker Casefile - Mimi Shen

Casefile 3014-8-22

Subject: Mimi Shen

Age: 35

Subject arrived from Hong Kong at age 20. Strong evidence of substance abuse; subject clearly struggling with addiction and related risk-factors. Appears to have sustained her addiction with prostitution; shows signs of extensive physical abuse, malnutrition, and at least one suicide attempt. Subject claims to have been raped 'too many times to bother counting.'

Subject tested positive for HIV and Hep C Aug 11, 2006. Unable to sustain antiviral drug regimen due to lifestyle factors.

Preliminary psychological evaluation reveals no underlying causative factors or conditions but did indicate severe PTSD, likely caused by multiple rape incidents.

Recommendation: Immediate intake to methadone rehabilitation program combined with counseling.

Ms Shen is a high-risk case who has run out of second chances. We believe that without firm and immediate action she will not survive the year. Her priority ranking is 1-A.

Note: Added to statewide rehabilitation wait list.

Further action: Follow up in three to six months as space in state-funded rehab facilities allows.

Report - Winston Chu & Sam Lin

Background- Conflict between Winston Chu and Sam Lin.

Codename: Dragon

September 31, 2010.

Top Secret.

Subject: Background on Sun On Yee internal conflict

Much of Water Street Gang's activity is presently directed towards countering territorial and business threats by the Jade Gang, another Sun On Yee faction. The warring red poles Winston Chu and Sam "Dogeyes" Lin (leaders of Water Street and Jade Gangs respectively) were once associated but have since fallen out.

It is important to understand that this conflict is not merely between two minor rival gang leaders but in fact is reflective of a larger struggle for control of the Sun On Yee. More powerful red pole leaders are, in effect, waging a proxy war with control of the overall triad at stake.

Dogeyes is supported by Big Smile Lee, a prominent red pole with ties to drugs, prostitution, and pornography. I can';t tell for sure, but Lee's agenda seems to be to shake up existing power relationships so that he can take advantage of the ensuing chaos.

As you know, triad leaders are elected by majority ballot. Lee is unlikely to win a 'peacetime' election as key red poles include Broken Nose Jiang, Two Chin Tsao, and Pockmark Cheuk are solidly opposed to his leadership. Though unsavory even by triad standards, Big Smile Lee enjoys a reputation for strength and ruthlessness, attributes that are viewed positively in triad culture. He appears to be pursuing a strategy whereby he uses Dogeyes to foster chaos within the organization and then use that chaos to make the case that strong leadership is needed.

Field Report - Big Smile Lee

Background- Big Smile Lee

Codename: Dragon

September 31, 2010

Top Secret.

Henry 'Big Smile' Lee. Single most powerful red pole inside the Sun On Yee. Widely disliked by other red poles and many triad members.

Lee's power stems from two core things: his willingness to use extreme (even by triad standards) levels of violence and the overwhelming amount of liquid cash generated by his drugs, prostitution, and entertainment interests.

lee and his chief enforcer Liu Shen Tong have repeatedly demonstrated a complete and total lack of restraint when it comes to physical violence. Opponents are frequently tortured before they're murdered and even a relatively minor infraction or slight can precipitate an extreme response.

Lee and his chief economic backer Sonny Wo run a massive protection racket that covers the entire HK entertainment industry. This plus robust drug and prostitution operations provide him with immense cash reserves.

Unlike other triad leaders, Lee does not tend to reinvest his profits in legitimate business, real estate, or the like. Instead he keeps his cash on hand for bribes, enforcers, or sheer demonstrations of power. This may not be in his long term financial interest, but it gives him tremendous clout inside the Sun On Yee. At any given moment he can throw literally millions in untraceable cash at a problem or objective if he so chooses.

He is as aggressive with his money as he is with violence. It's a potent combination that is only offset by a generally unlikable personality and to some degree as well by ill-concealed disdain for tradition and protocol.

Field Report - Broken Nose Jiang

Rumors Re Red Pole Broken Nose Jiang

Codename: Dragon

September 31, 2010

Top Secret.

The following are rumors and gossip that I've gathered re Broken Nose Jiang, a Sun On Yee red pole and potential ally to Winston Chu. I cannot confirm her real name but I'm sure you have it on file.

Most lower level gangsters are afraid of her. The consensus is that she killed her way into a red pole position and won't hesitate to do so again. Also most don't trust a female leader.

In particular the Sun On Yee factions that run prostitution and porn operations hate her. They suspect that she's undermining their outfits and I'm guessing they're right.

I have no direct exposure to her and Winston doesn't work with women so I can't tell if the rumors are correct.

Also, starting to get some suspicious looks here. Is operational security still tight?

Field Report - Winston Chu

Background- Winston Chu

Codename: Dragon

October 5, 2010

Top Secret.

My main point of contact is Winston Chu, the Sun On Yee red pole who controls (or likes to think he controls) a piece of North Point. As my previous reports have shown, Chu's control is slipping to a competing Sun On Yee red pole, Sam "Dogeyes" Lin.

Chu is hotheaded, impulsive, and not too smart. He lacks any kind of formal education and at times cannot even master street-level criminal conspiracies.

His temper may be affected by anabolic steroids, which I believe he takes on a regular basis.

Chu is ideal as a point of access to the triad. He's ambitious without the brains to achieve his goals and badly needs a smart second in command. This is how I've positioned myself.

My quick rise has created jealousy within the Water Street Gang. I am now convinced that suspicions about about my true identity are related to this jealousy more than to actual hard evidence. Still, I must be careful and HQ must keep confidentiality tight at all times.

Chu grew up in the Old Prosperity housing project with numerous Sun On Yee leaders including Dogeyes Lin. He seems to have joined the triad at an early age and has now hit the glass ceiling in terms of promotion and power. He will require a substantial reworking of his operations in order to reach par with more accomplished red poles such as Big Smile Lee, Two Chin Tsao, or Broken Nose Jiang.

Field Report - Water Street Gang

Background- Winston Chu

Codename: Dragon

October 5, 2010

Top Secret.

I am becoming progressively more concerned with the suspicions of certain gang members regarding my cover. We should probably develop an exit strategy.

The Water Street Gang is not a sophisticated organization, but that won't stop the members from acting with extreme violence. In fact, their lack of subtlety puts me in a bad position, as they likely won't see the downside to killing a police officer.

Winston's #2 man prior to my arrival was Conroy Wu. Conroy is pure thug. Good at strong arm work but without the knowledge or organizational skills to move the gang beyond street-level extortion, stolen goods, and possibly contract violence, including murder.

None of the gang will ever make it off the street or into red pole positions. Thus they have little long term intelligence value.

They continue to view me with suspicion and lately Conroy has taken to excluding me from conversations where criminal conspiracies are discussed. I have begun to work on convincing Winston that this is due solely to jealousy and will look to him to provide protection should Conroy choose to take action.

Please stay on standby for immediate extraction if necessary. Is surveillance still on me? I have not been able to identify audio vans or tailing officers lately.

Police Report, Death of Officer Charles Ho

Casefile B-45031-a

Officer Charles Ho

Second to Special Branch, Intelligence Division


Officer Ho was successfully introduced to the Water Street Gang by a controlled CI in January 2010. He filed numerous reports and had elevated himself to an advisory position in the gang with direct access to red pole Winston Chu.

In field reports and conversations with control officer Raymond Mak, Officer Ho reported that several members of the gang had begun to suspect that he was an undercover police officer.

Further, he indicated that due to the localized nature of the gang's operations he was unlikely to gain access to Sun On Yee's higher leadership unless he began operating with other triad factions on the side.


Following an anonymous tip, Officer Ho's body was recovered from a small unnamed island off the coast. He had been systematically tortured. Wounds included four distinct burn patches, five broken fingers on his right hand, the removal (non-surgical) of his left eye, electric burns on the soles of left and right feet, and twenty seven (27) cuts of varying depths and lengths.

Officer Ho was buried in a wooden coffin in six feet of sand. Coroner's analysis indicates that despite his wounds he was alive at the time of the burial. Asphyxiation is the official cause of death.

Given compartmentalization within the Intelligence Division of HK PD and Officer Ho's relatively junior standing in the Sun On Yee, it is unlikely that he had much useful intelligence to provide his interrogators. Further, it is this author's opinion that the torture was less to recover information and more to make an example of him. Some of it appears to have been for sport.

Superintendent Pendrew, HKPD. Nov 5, 2011.

CASEFILE - Howard 'Two Chin' Tsao

Submitted by Detective Raymond Mak

Sun On Yee redpole since 1981, Two Chin Tsao controls a large gambling racket as well as various illegal import-export businesses. In recent years he has gravitated away from strong-arm tactics and criminal enterprises that require muscle in favor of white-collar schemes.

He is rumored to have a high-quality counterfeiting press somewhere in the Central District, as well as facilities to fabricate fake credit cards. Numbers are obtained from North American and Mainland China, then reproduced in Hong Kong for quick exploitation.

Two Chin attempted to expand into bootlegged DVDs and computer software in 2005 but stopped abruptly. One CI reports that this was moving too close to the territory of Sonny Wo and Big Smile Lee. The latter is said to have made threats that caused Two Chin to cease operating despite massive potential profits.

The implications of this for overall Sun On Yee power structures is not clear.

Background brief: David Wa-Lin "Uncle" Po

Sun On Yee

Dragonhead/Chairman. Po likes to project a benign, grandfatherly image. He commits money and time to charities and is well known as a benefactor in the neighborhoods that Sun On Yee control.

Even within the triad he has cultivated an image as a negotiator and business-oriented pragmatist. But this 'reasonable' image stands in stark contrast to Po's criminal history. His rise through the ranks of the Sun On Yee was marked by extreme violence at every stage. He rejuvenated the triad's murder-for-hire business and is suspected of being the brains behind the triad's alliance with Sonny Wo. He allows Big Smile Lee (see FIELD REPORT, DRAGON, Big Smile Lee) to handle day to day operations in this area, keeping his own hands clean. But much of the profit ends up in Po's pockets.

Unlike other strong men in the triad, Po does a lot of his killing in secret. Rivals tend to simply disappear. In the short term this doesn't provide the same theatrical display of force as a public murder. But over time the fact that people who opposed him vanished without a trace has sent an incredibly strong message.

Po's hold on the triad remains unchallenged. CI reports indicate that the other red poles have reconciled themselves to waiting for him to retire or die before seeking the chairmanship themselves.

CI Report on Jackie Ma

Source Codename


Report submitted by Detective Raymond Mak

Scoundrel reports that target (Jackie Ma, no known nicknames or alias's) is now a low-level gang affiliate. Targets knows several Water Street members including Winston Chu from childhood but is not considered part of the gang. Is not included in confidential planning or operations. Sometimes used as an errand boy.

Target frequently attempts to claim gang affiliations higher than he actually has.

Use as infiltration asset questionable. Given the target's vulnerability and background with our asset, access to him should be relatively simple. It's not clear, however, that the target can affect useful introductions on his own.

Serious consideration should be given to using SCOUNDREL or another mid level CI instead.

CI Report on Hotshot

Source Codename


Report submitted by Detective Raymond Mak

Scoundrel claims to have intimate knowledge of the street-racing scene and specific knowledge of two or more murders that have taken place during races. Cross-reference with open vehicular manslaughter files.

Scoundrel asserts that one or more racers are deliberately killing competitors. Motives(s) for these murders is unclear.

Scoundrel claims friendship with key perpetrators but can provide no substantiation for this claim.

This officer remains skeptical.

CI Report on Sam 'Dogeyes' Lin

Source Codename SCOUNDREL

Report submitted by Detective Raymond Mak

Scoundrel claims to have close knowledge of the Jade Gang operations including 'Dogeyes' Lin, the alleged leader of the gang. Scoundrel claims that Dogeyes recently received a major infusion of cash for the purpose of expanding Jade Gang operations into neighboring Sun On Yee territory.

This fits with police surveillance indicating heightened tension between Sun On Yee factions and increased violence in and around the North Point police district.

However it does not explain why the Jade Gang would risk punitive action by Sun On Yee leadership by targeting an allied faction under the protection of the Dragonhead. Given Dragonhead David "Uncle" Po's proclivity for extreme violence the risk here is considerable, especially for Dogeyes himself.

Scoundrel reports that Lin is motivated by a combination of greed and ambition. On the surface this seems insufficient, especially given robust 18k activity in his territory which could be profitably assaulted. When put to Scoundrel, he asserted that the cash provided to Dogeyes was conditional upon hitting the right targets (that is, Winston Chu's Water Street Boys) and that Lin was "too greedy to say no and too stupid to be afraid of discipline by Sun On Yee elders."

Scoundrel CI File

File Opened by Det. Raymond Mak, July 22, 2007 Updated February 10, 2010

Sakinder Sajan Naz (AKA 'Naz') was arrested June 1, 2007 with more than three kilos of uncut heroin in the trunk of his car. Charged with possession with intent to distribute, Naz quickly agreed to function as a CI in return for immunity.

Subject was referred to HKPD's organized crime task force and was given code name 'Scoundrel'. (Author's note: code name highly appropriate for once.)

Scoundrel has at times proven reluctant to provide timely and actionable intelligence. Case officers have repeatedly threatened to revoke his immunity agreement and subsequent supervisors should not hesitate to do so.

Scoundrel also consistently underreports his own criminal activity and has twice been caught on surveillance tape engaging in drug trafficking.

Given his long criminal history and the wealth of evidence gathered against him which is not (due to subject's own underreporting) subject to his immunity deal, Scoundrel remains highly susceptible to coercion. This is, in fact, the best way to keep him on track. When facing possible prosecution Scoundrel has provided reliable and verifiable intelligence on various triad activities including but not limited to drug running, jewelry and auto theft, and prostitution.

All intel from this source must be cross checked before action is taken.

Surveillance Report, Amanda Cartwright

Filed by Sgt. Winston Yeung.

Subject was observed with SERPENT on several occasions, triggering immediate background check.

Cartwright, 22 years old, U.S. Citizen. No criminal or known criminal associations in the United States or Hong Kong. Traveling on a tourist visa. Has applied to several ESL schools.

Review of job applications reveals that Cartwright has exaggerated and/or fabricated her experience in this field.

Limited physical surveillance conducted on as-available basis over a two week period. No suspicious activity observed. Subject was seen flirting with and/or romantically associating with several other males of Chinese origin. Recording officers observed that this may reflect a romantic bias or sexual preference. Unrelated to ongoing SERPENT operation.

Subject behavior leads this supervisor to conclude that possibility of extended serious romantic relationship with SERPENT unlikely.

Not a security risk.

Sonny Wo, investigative journalism story


Hong Kong Daily

By Sophie Chu

October 11,2009

To an outsider, Sony Wo looks like a modern Hong Kong success story. His Three Circle Entertainment is a major force in film, television, and music. His real estate and other business holdings are extensive, and his private life is awash in starlets and celebrities.

But behind the facade of legitimacy and glitz lies a darker, dirtier truth. It's an open secret in our city that most if not all of the entertainment industry is controlled by the triads. According to sources, Sonny Wo is the latest in a long line of entrepreneurs who owes his power and success to the gangland connections.

It's a relationship that suits both parties. Wo built an empire and enjoys financial success and the fame that comes with it. His backers in the Sun On Yee get an ideal vehicle for laundering money, a large piece of the profits, and a front man to take the fall should anything go wrong.

Triad protection is especially important for Wo, who as one source put it 'has all the charisma of week-old cat vomit.' In an industry where personal relationships are everything, Wo's standing as a leader does appear at odds with his personality and his well-documented habit of benefitting at the expense of theoretically equal business partners.

Rumors, never substantiated, allege that Wo uses triad enforcers and blackmail to ensure loyalty and offset any easily substantiated stories tell of a string of attractive women used and then thrown away by Wo and his associates. Drawn by the promise of celebrity, these women become sexual playthings, often swapped between triad associates.

Those deemed sufficiently pliant are then encouraged to join Wo's porn productions or his gangster friends' prostitution rings. The rest are simply kicked aside, sometimes literally.

Big Smile Lee, investigative journalism story

November 22, 2009

By Sophie Chu

To movie goers, a night at the cinema is a pleasant diversion from real life. To Hong Kong's triads it's big business and a corner stone of a massive criminal empire.

Of all the gang lords tied up in the movies the most notorious is Henry 'Big Smile' Lee. Lee owns the aptly titled BigLee restaurant in Aberdeen and is rumored to be a silent partner in Sonny Wo's Three Circles Entertainment. Many readers have probably enjoyed dinner at Lee's restaurant and then watched a movie he financed without ever realizing that both ventures were made possible by drugs, prostitution, and murder.

For while Lee dabbles in films and uses the entertainment industry to wash his dirty money, the heart of his business is smuggling illegal drugs and women, extortion, and killers for hire. A favorite tactic, according to police sources, is to give free or cut-rate heroin to attractive teenage girls until they're addicts, then up the prices and force the girls into prostitution and pornography.

Occasionally the gangster style of business creeps over to film as well. For instance early in her career Fifi Miao was allegedly assaulted by Johnny Two Toes Wok after she refused to sing for him in the K-Bar's VIP lounge. The problem: Wok was affiliated with the 18k and Miao was managed by Sonny Wo, then a rising force with the Sun On Yee.

Wok was found three days later floating face down in Aberdeen harbor. No arrests were ever made.

Despite repeated calls to clean up the business, triad influence remains strong. There's simply too much money to be made and, in the absence of a stronger police influence, no way for legitimate businessmen to compete.

News story: Drugs, Hookers, Porn

By Sophie Chu

Drugs, hookers, pornography. That these are the pillars of a rising crime empire in Hong Kong is hardly surprising. The triads have controlled the drug rackets and sex trade for more than a hundred years now.

What is surprising is that within one of the city's largest triads a single red pole has used these age-old criminal enterprises to spur a remarkable new rise to power. Less than three years ago Henry 'Big Smile' Lee was a low level Sun On Yee enforcer with a reputation for violence. Police and triad leadership both had him pegged as a loose cannon, not the cold, calculating business type that the triads prefer to cultivate for senior command.

Then Lee began to specialize, at least according to sources inside the HKPD's anti-triad unit. First he took a modest drug operation and used it to recruit young women, often upper class young women, to work as prostitutes, porn stars, or both.

Then he used his burgeoning porn stable to establish partnerships with legitimate film producers and distributors. The filmmakers wanted in on the lucrative porn industry and Lee had the best women. In return, Lee got access to a multi-billion dollar industry where large sums of money moved from one shell corporation to the next on a daily basis. Soon Lee was washing money for many other Sun On Yee associates.

Lee's next move was his most innovative, allowing his legitimate entertainment partners to put money into the drug trade and reap immense, tax-free profits. Suddenly Big Smile Lee was the most well-financed gangster in the city, far eclipsing more senior triad leaders.

Police sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, report that he has parlayed his cash flow into a predominant position in the gang and is now heir apparent to Sun On Yee and possibly all of Hong Kong's organized crime.

Police Surveillance report, Tiffany Kim

Filed by Sgt. Wilson Wu

Subject DOB 1 April 1990. Currently employed as a hostess at the Club Bamb Bamb, a known triad hangout. Subject first came to police attention during routine surveillance of her workplace. Surveillance officers repeatedly observed her in close contact with investigative targets. Referred to SB as a potential CI.

After subject began a romantic relationship with Sammy Chu, wiretaps were set on her home and cellular phone. Over a four week period telephonic surveillance revealed little criminal activity but did allow us to identify four other triad members or affiliates with whom the subject was conducting ongoing romantic/sexual relationships.

This officer recommends that the subject be approached to act as a CI. For leverage detectives should use her overlapping sexual relationships, as disclosure of these would almost certainly put her in personal peril.

Scoundrel Report on Ricky Wong

Filed by Detective Raymond Mak

SCOUNDREL reports that Sonny Wo has elevated Ricky Wong to his right hand. He claims that this is a lateral move for Wong, who was hoping to be promoted to red pole. He is disaffected but not sufficiently unhappy to affect his loyalty to the triad.

Wong reportedly acts as a liaison between Wo and Henry 'Big Smile' Lee. He also provides muscle and when necessary drugs.

Scoundrel asserts that he has no knowledge of felony crimes perpetrated by Wong that could be used to convict him and/or recruit him as a CI. In this officer's opinion Scoundrel is lying, but without direct evidence we cannot take action.

When pressured about Wong's criminal activity Scoundrel attempted to steer the conversation towards his (Wong's) relationship with actress and singer Vivienne Lu, which he indicated was outside the boundaries of standard operating procedure and therefore useful leverage.

CI WHITEFISH reports that Lu has slept with half the members of Sun On Yee and did not believe that a relationship between her and Wong constituted useful intelligence. Given Whitefish's long history I am inclined to believe his information over Scoundrels. Thus no further investigation into Wong's relationship with Lu is warranted at this time.

CI report on Triad affiliate Wei Shen

Filed by Detective Raymond Mak

CI SCOUNDREL reports contact with a new triad affiliated, Wei Shen. Shen is a Hong Kong native who immigrated to the United States as an adolescent. Shen allegedly  worked for a Sun On Yee affiliated tong in San Francisco, though no independent confirmation is available.

Scoundrel believes that Shen is low level muscle with a side interest in drug distribution. He's reportedly ambitious and may have exaggerated his ties to organized crime in the US. If true this may make him a useful target for surveillance and CI.

Scoundrel is skeptical that Shen will be able to access Sun On Yee or other triad affiliates, especially given his American accent. He believes that Shen could be set up for a one-time sting. The long term intelligence and prosecution value of such a bust is minimal, however, and is not recommended.

WHITEFISH CI report: Conroy Wu

CI WHITEFISH reports that triad affiliate Conroy Wu has been promoted to Winston Chu's second in command. Wu is a relative newcomer to the gang, having been recruited out of the North Point slums.

Wu is a frequent steroid and drug user and has few skills beyond brute force violence. His promotion marks a shift in the Water Street Boys away from sophisticated criminal operations and towards violence-dependent schemes including but not limited to extortion, kidnapping, theft, and is possibly murder for hire.

Whitefish indicates that Wu's promotion may actually diminish W. Chu in the eyes of more senior red poles, as the widely held perception is that Chu cannot attract or cultivate effective subordinates.

HKPD IA Report: Supt. Thomas Pendrew

File opened by HKPD Sgt. Ray Chong, 23 March, 1981.

Homicide investigations into the death of Big Fish Chu, Wilson 'No Cash' Wang, and Fat Sammy Zhang revealed a consistent pattern of police participation. HKPD officers committed the murders, but they may have identified the targets for triad hit men, cleared patrol cars from target areas, and sanitized crime scenes after the fact to prevent effective investigation and prosecution.

All three murders furthered the career of one David Wai- Lin "uncle" Po formerly a Sun On Yee red pole, now believed to be the triad Dragonhead. Shortly thereafter HKPD's SB anti-triad unit, led by Det. Inspector Thomas Pendrew, secured the high profile arrests of the 'Three Tigers' at the top of the Sun On Yee hierarchy. The combination of murder and arrests elevated Po to a leadership position literally overnight.

It also greatly facilitated Pendrew's career, leading to a promotion to Superintendent and a commendation (HK Medal of Merit).

Pendrew and Po were caught on surveillance tapes speaking four times in the six months prior to the murders and arrests. Pendrew maintained that these meetings were not of conspiratorial nature but rather part of a long-term effort to cultivate triad sources.

Update 1 December, 1992

Following extensive investigation of Supt. Pendrew's finances we have found no evidence of excess capital or other financial assets beyond what would be normal for a man of his pay grade. No further investigation recommended.

Update 7 October 1994

CI OCTOPUS reports rumors that Sun On Yee leadership have direct access to HKPD personnel. No corroboration available.

Update 22 February 2002

CI FALLING WATER reports attending a Sun On Yee planning meeting where senior leadership (Falling Water declined to name names) asserted that provided the triad kept its operations within certain unspecified boundaries, kept violence out of the public eye, and provided occasional lower echelon arrests, there was no reason to fear a larger police investigation or related prosecutions. Falling Water was not given details as to why this was the case.

Update 1 June 2002

CI Falling Waters believed murdered. No body recovered. Unnamed sources assert that CI was betrayed by senior police officials with a vested interest in closing HKPD IA's access to triad sources.

Intelligence File: Triad connections in music industry

Report by Analyst Susan Chang

July 14, 2011

Numerous open source reports indicate that US-based music producer King will produce the upcoming CD for Sonny Wo client Vivienne Lu. Given King's standing in the US music industry and Wo's aggressive marketing of Ms. Lu this does not on the face of it appear to be a suspicious relationship.

However, CI reports and police dossiers indicate that Wo is a known triad associate and has extended business relationships with Henry 'Big Smile' Lee, a Sun On Yee red pole. A the core of these relationships are money laundering rackets whereby Wo's entertainment interests wash triad drug money and /or drug running schemes whereby Lee uses legitimate entertainment money to purchase illegal drugs for resale across Asian street markets.

King, who arose out of the West Coast hip-hop scene and grew up in South Central Los Angeles, is reported by LAPD to maintain close ties to LA street gangs with extensive interests in drug importation.

DEA intel suggests that the true purpose of King's trip to Hong Kong may be to broker a steady supply of heroin from Hong Kong to Los Angeles and other west coast US cities. If true, his trip, contacts, and associates should all be the subject of rigorous surveillance.

Recommendation: Complete surveillance package on King and Sony Wo for the duration of King's stay. Liaison with DEA and LAPD to chase down King's LA connections and establish preliminary tracking protocols should a relationship be established and drug shipments begun.


  • There is an oddity at the date of submission. Some of the reports are submitted at September 31st, 2010. This is a pure oddity, considering the fact that the month September only has 30 days.

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