Pop Star
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Also known as:  Popstar and pop star
Status:  Incarcerated
Gender:  Male
Date of birth:  1980
Place of birth:  Hong Kong
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Family:  Unknown
Main affiliation:  Sun On Yee
Vehicle(s):  Blue/Tan 625 MHC
Businesses:  Drug supplier
Voiced by:  Vincent Tong

”Popstar” was an associate and member of the Sun On Yee. He was a drug supplier.


Popstar is the Sun On Yee’s main drug supplier. He has been operation for years now, and has made a name for himself. He Gets his drugs from Fang Shen, Smuggler Hong and unknown others. He also works with Ming. Wei Shen had Popstar arrested and imprisoned, leading the Water Street Gang, including Winston himself, to suspect that Wei was an undercover officer and a rat. Wei managed to convince Winston that Ming was the rat, so Winston Killed Ming.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs

Murders Committed

  • Smuggler Hong - Shot in the head, when he refused to sell Popstar drugs at a lower price.


  • Pistol
  • pocket knife (not used in game)


  • His Guards are the Jade Gang.
  • In Case One: Popstar The police do not chase after popstar, even though they say “Hey! You two, stop!”
  • He is seen holding a pocket knife, but he never uses one in the game.