Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Ponytail
Status:  Deceased
Gender:  Male
Date of death:  2012
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Main affiliation:  Sun On Yee
Big Smile Lee
Vehicle(s):  Silver Ridge Sport
Voiced by:  Ron Yuan
"You'll regret this. I promise you that."
―Ponytail to Wei Shen

Ponytail is a member of the Sun On Yee. He is Big Smile Lee's main enforcer and personal bodyguard.



Not much is known about Ponytail's history, other than that at some point he joined the Sun On Yee, and worked his way up to becoming the main enforcer and bodyguard for Big Smile Lee. Sometime after becoming an enforcer, Ponytail and two other enforcers carried out the order of murdering Big Scar Wu, a ruthless Sun On Yee member, by running him over, stabbing him 42 times, and throwing the body into the processors of the Smiley Cat cat food factory.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

"For the time being, you may continue your operations in this area. But the percentage previously paid to Winston will now go to Mr. Lee."
―Ponytail to Wei

After Winston Chu, the leader of the Water Street Gang, was killed at his own wedding, the Water Street Gang was left weakened and without a leader. Big Smile Lee, seeing an opportunity to expand his business ventures and take control over North Point, sent Ponytail. He spoke with Wei Shen, Conroy Wu, and Jackie Ma, who were at Club Bam Bam, which was acting as their base.

Ponytail told Wei that, while they were allowed to continue their operations in the area, the percentage previously paid to Winston would now go to Big Smile Lee. However, Wei was extremely enraged by Ponytail and Big Smile Lee's attempt to take over their territory, hence threatened Ponytail they would kill him and Big Smile Lee's people if they did not stay out of their territory. Ponytail left, warning that they had made a mistake. A massive gunfight ensued inside the club, which spilled out into the street.

Wei and Jackie got involved in a car chase with Ponytail, but they flipped (Jackie's 860 MHC was nudged by Ponytail's large-sized Ridge Sport), causing Ponytail to shoot at the car before fleeing. Wei chased down Ponytail and got into a fistfight with him, but Ponytail gained the upper hand, slammed Wei's face into a dumpster, and fled.

After Uncle Po died leaving the position of chairman open, Wei, Pockmark Cheuk and Broken Nose Jiang convinced the Sun On Yee that a proper election was necessary in order to follow with their tradition. However, this enraged Lee, who felt that he was the logical successor to the chair. He decided to attack and attempt to murder anyone that would vote against him.

Big Smile Lee sent his men to attack the Water Street Gang and even planned to murder Jiang. Wei foiled the attacks: he confronted Big Smile Lee and Ponytail at Big Lee, a waterfront restaurant owned by Lee. A gunfight ensued inside the restaurant, and Ponytail was killed in the shootout, along with the rest of the men that were attempting to protect Lee. 

Nightmare in North Point

Along with Dogeyes and Johnny Ratface, Ponytail is one of the ghosts resurrected by Smiley Cat. After Wei defeats the ghosts of Dogeyes and Ratface. He goes to Club Bam Bam where Ponytail had previously confronted Wei in the previous game and is holding several hostages with the help of Jiang Shi minions. After Wei saves the hostages he goes into the restroom and defeats several thugs before going up to the VIP area to confront Ponytail. After defeating a Yaoguai and more Jiang Shi, Wei confronts Ponytail and demands the answer to how he can defeat Smiley Cat. Ponytail tells him that the only way to defeat Smiley Cat is by burning his dismembered pinky finger, the last remnant of his original body (Uncle Po told Ponytail to save the pinky before grinding up his corpse).

Wei then uses his sword to defeat Ponytail, sending him back to the underworld, but not before Ponytail adds that he'll "see [him] in hell!".

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs



  • Ron Yuan, The Actor who Voiced Ponytail, Previously worked with Tzi Ma, the Actor who Voiced Big Smile Lee, in the Season 6 of 24 amd he played a Enforcer who Invaded the CTU.