Pockmark Cheuk
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Pockmark Cheuk
Status:  Alive
Gender:  Male
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Main affiliation:  Sun On Yee
Voiced by:  Byron Mann
"Our brotherhood pays our enemies with pain, suffering, and death. And none suffers more than a traitor! Betray your brothers and you will die a thousand times over. Slowly. In the dark. The Sun On Yee and the gods themselves will burn your soul from your body and crush the ashes with our heels."
―Pockmark Cheuk during the initiation ceremony of Wei Shen, Jackie Ma, Conroy Wu and Duke.

Pockmark Cheuk is a character in Sleeping Dogs. He is a member of the Sun On Yee. Pockmark was the main advisor of Uncle Po. He is a Red Pole, as well as the incense master.



"You are my greatest friend. You know my wishes better than anyone."
―Uncle Po

Little is known of Pockmark's background, other than that he rose to become Uncle Po's top advisor and best friend. His official position in the Sun On Yee is Incense Master, or Master of Ceremonies. He also seems to hold the position of Red Pole. He seems to be well respected by the rest of the Triad, he also appears to be very loyal to Uncle Po. The lack of a police record suggests that he may never have been convicted of a crime, or that he may be more careful with his criminal activities than some of the other Sun On Yee members.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

Pockmark is first seen in Uncle Po's apartment during his meeting with Winston Chu and Wei Shen. He doesn't speak while Wei is present, but after Wei leaves it is assumed that he advises Po on what to do with the Winston and Dogeyes situation. They came to the decision to let Winston live as he kept Siu Wah alive.

"I am your advisor. I cannot lead in your place."
―Pockmark to Uncle Po

After Uncle Po was shot at Winston's wedding, the Sun On Yee leaders, including Pockmark, went to visit him at the hospital. After Po announced that Wei was to be promoted to Red Pole. Uncle Po nominated Pockmark to take the position of temporary chairman, as he was his greatest friend, but he declined. Two Chin Tsao was suggested next, and he accepted. Pockmark was ordered by Uncle Po to make sure that Wei and Jackie were formally initiated into the Sun On Yee.

"Your initiation is Yung Lee On. He has been selling to school girls and was ordered to stop. He switched to the 18K instead. Make an example of him."
―Pockmark gives Wei the task he must complete for his initiation

As part of Jackie Ma's and Wei's initiation, Pockmark ordered them to make an example of Yung Lee On, who, despite warnings from them, continued to sell drugs to schoolgirls. The fight between On, Jackie, and Wei ended in Yung's death, as Jackie shot him after Yung tried to shoot Wei. After they had completed their task, Pockmark formally initiated Wei, Jackie, Conroy and Duke into the Sun On Yee.

After Po died in the hospital, Pockmark and the other senior members of the Sun On Yee attend his funeral. However, Sonny Wo was arrested by Thomas Pendrew. The 18K Triad was at the cemetery, as all of the Sun On Yee leaders were in one place. After the police left, the 18K attempted to assassinate the Sun On Yee funeral goers. Pockmark participated in the gunfight, which ended after Wei took control of a grenade launcher and killed the 18K attackers. A heated discussion ensued which resulted in Broken Nose Jiang's proposal of an election to decide who would lead the Triad. However, Big Smile Lee was very dissatisfied by this, as he felt that he was the logical successor after Po's death. Lee decided to try and kill Wei and Jiang, as they would not side with him.

After Wei killed Lee, Jiang was made Dragon Head, with Pockmark staying as an advisor. Pockmark asked her what she wished to do about Wei, who was now outed as an undercover police officer, but she ordered the Sun On Yee to stay away from him, as he had always been loyal to her.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs