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Start Club Bam Bam
End Bus Depot, North Point
Rewards HK $25000
Field Report - Big Smile Lee
Previous Next
Chain of Evidence Uncle Po
"Dogeyes' most important operation involves the packaging of heroin to smuggle overseas. Winston instructs Wei to take part in a general assault on the packaging plant."
―Game description.
Payback is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Wei visits Winston at the Club Bam Bam. He seems to be very angry and ordering his men to wake up. Wei asks what's happened, Conroy tells him that Dogeyes' hitmen had attacked Golden Koi restaurant. Winston then explains that his mother is alright, but the 2 of Water Street members are killed, several customers are injured, and the place is swarmed with cops. After Conroy tells Winston that the soldiers are ready outside, Winston orders his men to destroy Dogeyes' drug warehouse, and kill the owner, Siu Wah. But Wei suggests Winston takes Siu Wah alive and force him to work for Winston so that he could compensate the warehouse damage, and give a larger cut for the chairman than Dogeyes did. Winston agrees, and Wei and the others off to the warehouse


Drive the SUV to the warehouse by following the other vehicle.

Wei will enter the warehouse alone, and will have to defeat several groups of goons, including a new enemy known as "grapplers" who immune to grapple attacks. You can dispose of them with strong combos of yours. After the whole beating up, Wei will encounter a gangster with a pistol. Disarms him, and take his handgun, proceed upstairs.

Next, Wei will take cover as multiple enemies fire at him: vault over the cover and take advantage of the slowed-down time to shoot them in the head. Enemies hiding behind cover can be quickly defeated by vaulting into them, and aiming as Wei disarms them slows time down, making it easier for you to target other enemies. The gas cylinder at the stairs can be shot to kill both enemies who walk past it; all objects that quickly explode when shot at will glow red when Wei is aiming a firearm.

Run up the stairs to the upper level of the warehouse, where more enemies are located, some of which are near gas cylinders that will explode if shot at. When Wei nears Siu Wah's position, two more enemies will come down the stairs; take them out and go up the stairs.

The rest of the Water Street Gang will set the building on fire. Don't stand still too next to any flames and Wei should not take too much damage. Drop down from the upper level and grab Siu Wah as he attempts to run past Wei. Try to avoid grabbing him whilst sprinting at the same time as this will make Wei tackle Siu Wah, penalising your Cop score. Taking Siu Wah as a hostage, be ready to kill two more enemies, and drag him back to the entrance. It is recommended to kill the two enemies at the entrance first before dragging Siu Wah with you, as it is easy for him to get accidentally hurt and thus fail the mission before you get outside.

Use the police bike to pursue Siu Wah, who is driving away in a police car. Once you are close enough, action hijack his car, and Siu Wah will scooch over to the passenger's seat, giving up on escaping from Wei. Drive to the bus depot, where the Gang will take Siu Wah from there.

After that, Winston confronts Siu Wah and declares that his partnership with Dogeyes is over. He then brings Siu Wah with them to discuss their new term of partnership and gives Wei money as a reward for completing the mission. Conroy then comes and apologizes to Wei for his suspicious towards him and tells Wei that he had shown his true colors tonight.

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