Pay Hospital Bills is an optional favor available in North Point. Find Michelle in the back of the Night Market. Talk to her, and she tell Wei that she and Mrs. Chu are good friends. Michelle also says that Mrs. Chu told her to talk to him if she needed any favors.

Her husband is in the hospital, but they own nothing of value except their car. Rather than sell it, as Wei suggests, Michelle wants Wei to run it into the harbor for the insurance money.

Follow the waypoint to the car, then follow the GPS to the harbor. Be careful not to damage the car too much on the way there, since it is already very damaged and smoking before Wei even gets in. Drive the car into the water, and exit. You'll receive some Face XP and cash for completing the favor.

Rewards: HK $2000


Sleeping Dogs - Face Side Mission 6 - Pay Hospital Bills01:48

Sleeping Dogs - Face Side Mission 6 - Pay Hospital Bills

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