"Piss off your neighbors."
―In-game description

The Panzer is a vehicle featured in Sleeping Dogs. It is the cheapest Class A car available, and the second-cheapest Class A vehicle. The car can be bought in Kennedy Town. The Panzer is based on the Audi R8.The rear of the car is reminiscent of that 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse with inner tailights of the Jaguar XF facelift.

If Tran requests the Panzer, it will be worth HK $240,725.


  • Ironically, the word panzer in German stands for "Tank" it could however be referring to its reputation from Hotshot who also drove a panzer aggressively in the main story.
  • It is possible that is a sports version of the Executive as both cars have same front counterpart and are both based on Audi cars.


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