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Outfits are a feature in the Sleeping Dogs, available from vendors or earned by completing certain activities. Outfits often give players bonuses, such as increased experience or melee damage.


  • Nothing
  • Dark Blue Windbreaker
  • Undershirt
  • T-Shirt (x5)
  • J. Jiggler Track Top (x2)
  • Couronne Classic
  • Couronne Long Jacket
  • Ikoze T-Shirt
  • Hang + Sui Dino T-Shirt
  • J. Jiggler Sports! T-Shirt
  • Faux J. Jiggler Sports! T-Shirt
  • Couronne T- Shirt
  • Hang + Sui T-shirt (x3)
  • Ikoze Bold T-Shirt (x2)
  • Knock-Off Hang + Sui V Neck (x2)
  • Hang + Sui V Neck
  • Generic V Neck
  • Couronne Street V Neck (x2)
  • Bruno James V Neck (x2)
  • Couronne V Neck (x2)
  • Ikoze Pride V Neck
  • Fake Hang + Sui Fourhead V Neck
  • Counterfeit Couronne Verdant V Neck
  • Bruno James Formal Suit (x4)
  • Achete Hipster Jacket (x3)
  • Knock Off J. Jiggler Jersey
  • Futurismo
  • Ikoze Quilted Jacket
  • J. Jiggler Puffy coat (x3)
  • Couronne Puffy Vest
  • Achete Button Up Shirt
  • Couronne Fubar Hoody
  • J. Jiggler Hoody
  • Fake J. Jiggler Hoody
  • Aspirazone Designer Suit (x4)
  • Aspirazone Business Suit (x3)
  • Aspirazone Grey Jacket
  • Achete Leather Jacket (x3)
  • Couronne Tank Top


  • Underpants
  • Baggy Jeans
  • Aspirazone Suit Pants
  • J. Jiggler Track Pants (x2)
  • Knock-Off J. Jiggler Track Pants (x2)
  • Hang + Sui Slacks (x2)
  • Aspirazone Dress Suit Pants (x5)
  • Dress Suit Pants
  • Dress Suit Pants by Achete
  • J. Jiggler Straight Leg Jeans (x2)
  • Counterfeit J. Jiggler Track Pants
  • Hang + Sui Cargo Pants (x2)
  • Hang + Sui camo Cargo Pants
  • Couronne Whiskered Jeans
  • Hang + Sui Baggy Jeans (x2)
  • Very Baggy Jeans
  • J. Jiggler Skinny Jeans
  • Hang + Sui boot Cut Jeans
  • Couronne Douche Jeans


  • Barefoot
  • Clubstyle Treads
  • Stiddaroli Brown
  • Stiddaroli White
  • Stiddaroli Black
  • Achete Boots
  • Ikoze Kicks (x5)
  • Black Loafers
  • Earth Tone Loafers
  • Achete Tan Loafers
  • Achete Black Loafers
  • Ikoze Talent
  • Ikoze Perform
  • Hang + Sui Oxford
  • Aspirazone Malavitosi Black
  • Ikoze Naturals
  • Achete Standup Boots
  • Ikoze Assassins
  • Ikoze Clubstyle
  • Faux J. Jiggler Canvas Sneakers (x2)
  • J. Jiggler Canvas Sneakers (x5)
  • Cream Meshsiders
  • Black Meshsiders
  • Brown Meshsiders


  • Baseball Cap (x6)
  • Trucker Hat (x3)
  • Panama Hat


  • Face Mask
  • Cambria Nerdique
  • Cambria Pure
  • Frisky Ice
  • Frisky Gold
  • Frisky Cruiser Sunglasses (x3)
  • Knock Off Frisky Sunglasses (x2)
  • Frisky Blockers (x2)
  • Hang + Sui Pilots (x3)


  • Beaded Dragon
  • Frisky Gold Chain
  • Frisky White Gold Chain
  • Hang + Sui Coin On String Necklace
  • Jade Necklace


  • Cambria Scallop Watch
  • Knock Off Cambria Watch
  • Ikoze Sports Watch
  • Ikoze Sport Watch (x2)
  • Cambria Insider


  • Buddhist Beads
  • Awareness Band (x7)
  • Rocker Wristband
  • Gold Link Bracelet
  • Hang + Sui Leather Wrist Bands
  • Black Pearl Bracelet By Cambria

Preset OutfitsEdit

  • Beach Outfit
  • Casual Clothes
  • Business Suit
  • Work Out Clothes
  • Mr. Black
  • Grubby Clothes
  • Hai Tien Vintage Jumpsuit
  • Monk
  • The Winston Chu Ensemble
  • Shen Zen
  • Manhattan Melee
  • Hog Pen Row
  • The Bon Gak
  • Doctor's Coat
  • Part Time Assassin
  • Wedding Suit
  • Funeral Suit
  • Detective Shen

Bonus Sets From Complete OutfitsEdit

  • Minor Thug Bonus Set (5% more Melee damage).
  • Thug Bonus Set (10% more Melee damage).
  • Police Constable Bonus Set (earn 5% more Police XP).
  • Police Sergeant Bonus Set (earn 10% more Police XP).
  • Police Inspector Bonus Set (earn 15% more Police XP).
  • Blue Lantern Triad Bonus Set (earn 5% more Triad XP).
  • Red Pole Triad Bonus Set (earn 10% more Triad XP).
  • Mountain Master Bonus Set (earn 15% more Triad XP).
  • Bargain Hunter Bonus Set (get 5% discount when buying vehicles).
  • All Business Bonus Set (get 10% discount when buying vehicles).
  • Master Negotiator Bonus Set (get 15% discount when buying vehicles).
  • Lady Killer Bonus Set ("Watch the Ladies go wild!").
  • Inconspicuous Bonus Set (Easier Police heat Reduction).

Government-Owned ClothesEdit

  • Cleaning Worker's Outfit
  • Doctor's Coat
  • Police Investigation Officer Outfit
  • Super Detective Outfit

Downloadable ContentEdit

  • High Roller Outfit (Available from High Roller Pack).
  • Super-SWAT Tactical Uniform (Available from Police Protection Pack and SWAT Pack; reduces all damage taken by 50%).
  • Shaolin Warrior (Available from Martial Arts Pack; Increases melee damage).
  • GSP Black and White Training Outfits, GSP Headband Outfit (Available from GSP Pack; Replaces normal heavy attack with GSP's Flying Punch move and Increased Grappling Damage).
  • Triad Enforcer Outfit (Available from Triad Enforcer Pack; increases striking damage and gains face points faster).
  • Plainclothes Detective Outfit (Available from Deep Undercover Pack).
  • Retro Triad Outfit (Available from Retro Triad Pack).
  • Tactical Outfit (Available from Tactical Soldier Pack; reduces gunfire damage taken by 50%).
  • Official UFG Branded T-Shirt and Luchadore Mask (Available from Community Gift Pack).
  • Left 4 Dead Health Kit Shirt, Midnight Rider's T-Shirt, Ellis's Bullshifter Shirt, Original Portal T-Shirt, Team Fortress 2 Sandvich T-Shirt (Available from Valve T-Shirt Pack).
  • Racing Jacket and Dragon Helmet (Available from Street Racer Pack, 15% damage reduction from gunfire).
  • Lightning Warrior Outfit and Wing Chun Master (Available from Screen Legends Pack, the Wing Chun Master Outfit could slow down time during combat for easier counter).
  • Jiang Shi Cap (Available from Nightmare in North Point, can be used in the main game upon completion of the DLC).
  • Classic Black Fedora, Straw Hat, Cowboy Hat, Ghost Pig Mask (Available from Ghost Pig Pack).
  • Rico Rodriguez Custom Oufit (allows player to perform action hijack on a vehicle from a greater distance); Sarif Industries Armor (reduces damage from firearms by 33%); Agent 47's Suit (reduces heat from police) The three outfits are available from the Square Enix Character Pack.
  • Drunken Fist (Available from Drunken Fist Pack, it activates the drunken fist stance when the face meter is filled up).
  • Yakuza Style (slows heat by 50%), Russian Mob Style (increases gun accuracy by 50%) and Mongrel Tribe Style (increases melee damage by 40%) tattoo (Available from Gangland Style Pack).
  • Mixed Martial Arts Outfit and Muay Thai Outfit (Available from the Zodiac Tournament Pack, increase melee damage by 40% and activates new fighting moves).
  • Vigilante (counters are easier to perform), Unknown Warrior (+40% Face experience earned) and Bronze Warrior (reduces melee damage taken by 60%) (Available from Movie Masters Pack).
  • Sun Wukong (Gives you a staff that increases in size in combat) (Available from Monkey King Pack).
  • SWAT Tactical Uniform (50% reduction in damage from gunfire); Crime Scene Investigator (Double Cop XP earned, but no Triad XP earned). Available from Law Enforcer Pack.

Special OutfitsEdit

  • Rico Rodriguez's Outfit (Available if the player has save data for Just Cause 2). Wearing this outfit allows player to perform an 'Action Hijack' of a vehicle from a greater distance.


  • The outfit Hog Pen Row is a tribute to Kung Fu Hustle (2004) in which the main character, Sing (Stephen Chow), wears this outfit after discovering his 'natural-born kung fu genius'. The name Hog Pen Row is a pun on Pig Sty Alley, the area in which the film take place.
  • The outfit Manhattan Melee is a tribute to Rumble in the Bronx (1995) in which the main character, Ma Hon Keung (Jackie Chan), wears this outfit.
  • The outfit The Bon Gak is a tribute to 'Ong-Bak' (2003) in which the main character, Ting (Tony Jaa), wears this outfit during a muay thai ring-fight. 'Bon Gak' is an anagram of 'Ong Bak'
  • The outfit Shen Zen is a tribute to 'Fist of Fury' (1972) in which the main character, Chen Zhen (Bruce Lee), wears this outfit. 'Shen Zen' is a pun on 'Chen Zhen'.
  • The outfit Hai Tien Vintage Jumpsuit is a tribute to Game of Death (1978) in which the main character, Hai Tien/Billy Lo (Bruce Lee), wears this outfit.
  • The outfit Part Time Assassin is a tribute to Fulltime Killer (2001) in which the main character Lok Tok-Wah (Andy Lau) wears this outfit.
  • The description for the Doctor's Coat is an allusion to the famous quote "Dr. Livingston, I presume?"
  • The oufit Mr. Black is a reference to a scene in Quentin Tarantino's first film, Reservoir Dogs (1992). In the scene, the bank robbers discuss what their codenames will be. Each robber is assigned a particular color codename (e.g. Mr. White, Mr. Pink). When one of the characters asks why they can't "pick their own names", the planner of the heist responds that everyone fights over who should be Mr. Black, hence the outfit's description, "Because you can choose your own color".
  • The Couronne Long Jacket's description, "Goes beautifully with a short skirt", is a reference to the Cake song "Short Skirt/Long Jacket".
  • Ikoze Sport Watch line-up is a nod to Casio's G-Shock line-up of sports watches. The in-game description: "Stylish, loud and impossible to destroy" also refers to G-Shock watches: comes in many colors, has loud alarm, and are damage-resistant.
  • The Lady Killer Set clothing series (hipster jacket, skinny jeans, and high-rise shoes) somewhat refers to Choi Siwon's (front man of a leading South Korean boy band, Super Junior) outfit in two of Super Junior's video clip: "Bonamana" and the Mandarin version of "U". In "Bonamana", Siwon wore a gray jacket, similar to Achete Hipster Jacket (Gray) and a pair of skinny jeans, while in the Mandarin version of "U" he wore shirt and black tie, similar to the shirt and tie in Achete Hipster Jacket and high-rise shoes similar to the one in Lady Killer Set (bear in mind that Choi Siwon is the most favorited personnel in Super Junior). It also resembles another Korean boy band (this time, Exo, in their latest MV, Growl, despite the fact that Growl was released one year after Sleeping Dogs).


  • Wei wearing his tuxedo
  • Wei shirtless
  • Wei's Default Clothes
  • Undershirt
  • Muscle Shirt
  • Wei Shen wearing "Rico Rodriguez's Outfit"
  • Detective Shen
  • Wedding Suit
  • Part Time Assassin
  • Funeral Suit
  • Manhattan Melee
  • Shen Zen
  • The Bon Gak
  • Hog Pen Row
  • Hai Tien Vintage Jumpsuit
  • Doctor's Coat
  • Tourist Outfit
  • Mr.Black
  • Work Out
  • Grubby Clothes
  • The Winston Chu Ensemble
  • The Wei Shen Ensemble
  • Monk

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