Sakinder Sajan Naz
Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Sakinder Sajan Naz
Also known as:  Naz Singh
Status:  Incarcerated
Date of birth:  1968
Place of birth:  Hong Kong
Home:  Britain
Nationality:  British/Indian
Family:  Unknown
Main affiliation:  18K Triad
Hong Kong Police Department
Vehicle(s):  Red Drag 979 (Given to Jackie)
Businesses:  illegal street racing
drug dealing
Voiced by:  T.J. Ramini

Sakinder Sajan Naz, better known as Naz Singh, is a character in Sleeping Dogs. He is a Hong Kong Indian Triad associate and a HKPD informant.



On 1 June 2007, Naz was arrested with more than three kilos of heroin in the trunk of his car. Facing jail time for possession with intent to distribute, he became an undercover informant in exchange for immunity. He filed a report after being in contact with supposed "Triad associate" Wei Shen, who was an undercover officer, unbeknownst to him.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

He first appears with Wei Shen to do a drug deal with Four Finger Wu of the 18K. The deal is in actuality being watched by the police. When a security guard appears and is subsequently killed, the police storm the warehouse and chase after Shen and Naz. After a lengthy chase, both are apprehended.

Naz was later seen again by Wei while he did undercover surveillance of Hotshot, an illegal street racer. Wei told Inspector Jane Teng about their suspicions, to which Teng informed Wei that Naz was actually an informant. This meant that Naz could possibly blow Wei's cover.

He was later encountered at Top Glamour Imports, a front for 18K, when Wei tried to return a motorcycle Jackie Ma received for a shipment of watches, in lieu of cash. Naz refused, saying he knew that Wei was a cop, while Wei said he knew he was informing and threatened to expose him to the Triads. Naz then shouted for the 18k thugs kill him and took off, but after a short chase Wei managed to shoot and blow up an oil tank cutting off Naz's escape. Wei took Naz hostage during the ensuing gun fight, tossed him in the trunk of a car, and eventually escaped the 18k pursuers. Wei drove him back to the Underground Police HQ, where Teng made sure to have Naz jailed, presumably for his crooked actions as an informant.


The department views him as being a questionable source; he is often accused of under-reporting his criminal activity and has twice been caught drug trafficking on surveillance cameras. His code-name is "Scoundrel," which Raymond Mak finds appropriate.

Naz often needed to be coerced into cooperating with the department, usually by threatening to remove his immunity status. This is said to work well, as he has made several reports on matters such as: auto and jewelry theft, illegal street racing, drug running and several underworld figures such as: Sonny Wo, Ricky Wong, Jackie Ma, and Dogeyes

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs


Grand theft auto
jewelry theft
illegal street racing
drug running



Before the script change in True Crime: Hong Kong, Ming was supposed to appear in the mission Loose Ends instead of Naz.