Mrs. Chu's Revenge
Start Golden Koi
End Golden Koi
Rewards HK $5000
SFPD Report: "Shooting of 06/2010"
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The Wedding Meet the New Boss
"Following the death of Winston at his wedding, Mrs. Chu seeks revenge. She sends Wei to retrieve Johnny the Ratface, a member of Dogeyes' gang who is supposedly responsible for the attack on the wedding."
―Game description.
Mrs. Chu's Revenge is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


After the attack at the wedding, Wei goes to Golden Koi and finds Mrs. Chu, who is mourning over her son's death. Wei then promises to Mrs. Chu to find someone who's responsible. Mrs. Chu then tells Wei to bring that person here if he captures him.

Wei then remembers seeing Johnny Ratface, a person he and Winston encountered at his meeting with Uncle Po as one of the attackers at the wedding. He then calls Ricky and asks for Johnny's number. After that, he goes hunting down Johnny.


Take a vehicle and drive somewhere until your tracking device signal gets to the middle. Then, initiate the tracer, and use it to find Johnny's location. After you tracked him, go to the designated waypoint. You will see Johnny, who was talking to a woman. Follow him, and beat down his friends. After a while, you will see a person equipped with a handgun. Disarm him and take his pistol. Now you will have to chase down Johnny Ratface while shooting your way through his minions.

After the whole course of shooting, Johnny will attempt to escape with his car. Wei will take a bike and you will have to chase Johnny. Shoot down Johnny's goons who are protecting him, then drive closer to his car and perform an action hijack. Now you have to bring Johnny to the Golden Koi. Don't drive too slow or else Johnny will bail out of the car, thus failing the mission.

After you take him to the Golden Koi, Mrs. Chu then interrogates Johnny about the mastermind of the wedding assassination. She tells Wei to leave and proceed to butchers Johnny to pieces.

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