Mini Bus Racket
Rewards HK $15000
White CI Report: Conroy Wu
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Stick Up and Delivery Amanda
"After the success of taking back the Night Market, Winston continues to press Dogeyes Lin. Wei is sent to establish control over a mini-bus extortion racket traditionally controlled by his rival Dogeyes Lin."
―Game description.
Mini Bus Racket is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Winston tells Wei about the control over the minibus lines. Winston wishes to give Wei control over the most profitable route in Hong Kong, Marlborough Drive. The only problem, Dogeyes currently owns this route. Winston tells Wei to hijack the line and orders a few of his men as back up to Wei.


Drop off Winston’s men to secure bus stops


You’ll begin the mission in a large minibus full of Winston’s muscle. Follow the waypoint to a bus stop, where you will drop off some of Winston’s men to deal with some of Dogeyes’ thugs. After you drive to the second stop, you’ll exit the bus and have to fight more thugs. After you clear them out, you’ll be back in the bus. Follow the waypoint to the next bus stop, where you will drop off Conroy to deal with the thugs. As he exits, a rival minibus will pass you; fighting for the same route you are.

Harass the drive of the rival minibus

The rival minibus is full of passengers and is encroaching on a route that should be yours! In order to gain control of his bus, Wei must harass the driver enough to get him to willingly leave the bus. There are two ways to raise harassment, by honking at the driver in close proximity or by ramming him. The acceleration of the bus is very slow, so it’s not advised to ram the minibus. Getting caught on an obstacle or tangled up in cars will surely allow the rival bus to pull much further ahead. It can be difficult to catch up once the distance has been gained on you, so play it safe and honk. Get as close as you can to the bus and stay here, honking every second you’re near. Once you fill the meter, the bus will be yours!

Outrun the ambush

However, Dogeyes’ men aren’t taking too kindly the fact that you forcefully took the route away from them. They will drive several cars and attempt to ram you. This time, you’ll want to do a lot more ramming than honking. They can be outrun or destroyed, depending on your preference. With the low acceleration and top speed of the bus, though, it’s much easier to ram these cars off the road. Dispatch the cars and make a safe getaway.


Drop Off Passengers

Once the pursuers are off your tail, it's time to deliver the passengers to their actual destination. A bar with their satisfaction will be displayed. The bar depletes for every dangerous act your driving results in, whether it's collisions or scratching obstacles. If the bar gets too low, your mission will fail. So drive safe and follow the waypoint to drop off the passengers. Some sound like they even enjoyed the crazy bus-jacking.

Rewards: HK $15000, White CI Report: Conroy Wu

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