Appearance(s):  Sleeping Dogs
Full name:  Ming
Also known as:  Dirty Ming
Status:  Deceased
Gender:  Male
Date of death:  2012
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Main affiliation:  Sun On Yee
Jade Gang
Water Street Gang
Businesses:  Ketamine Dealer
Voiced by:  Terence Yin
"You fucking rat! I sent you to Popstar, and now he's in jail!"

Ming, (also known as Dirty Ming), was a former associate of the Water Street Gang.



Ming was a low-level ketamine dealer. He approached Winston Chu and requested that Winston's gang protect him while he did business. Winston accepted the offer, rationalizing that it was an easy job and that he and his gang would take a nice cut from the payments.

"This week, I send Jackie to pick up the envelope. And he tells my boy to fuck off. Apparently, he's friends with Dogeyes now, so we can all go fuck ourselves!"
―Winston Chu

However, when Winston sent Jackie Ma to Ming to collect the protection money, Ming blew him off and told Jackie that he had switched loyalties to Dogeyes Lin and the Jade Gang, which enraged Winston. Winston asked Wei Shen, who had recently joined the Water Street Gang, to take care of Ming and convince him to pay up.

Events of Sleeping Dogs

After asking pirated DVD salesman Joey Kwan about Ming's whereabouts, Wei quickly found him in the Night Market. Ming ran from Wei, leading him in a wild foot chase over the rooftops and through the markets. Ming had his thugs attempt to kill Wei, but he fought them off. Ming personally attacked Wei with a kitchen knife, but Wei got the better of him, and viciously beat him on a rooftop in the market. Ming swore that he would switch his loyalty back to Winston, but Wei was arrested by the HKPD for assaulting Ming, which led Thomas Pendrew to reveal Wei's status to Inspector Jane Teng, much to his displeasure.

Teng and Wei later resolved their differences, and Wei offered his assistance in solving cases. Teng instructed him to take down Popstar, a powerful Sun On Yee drug dealer. Wei texted Ming, lying that Winston wanted to check up on him. Wei met him at the Noodle Stall in the Night Market. Ming told Wei that he hadn't picked any drugs from Popstar since he left Dogeyes, but requested that Wei would grab his next drugs shipment to make sure that everything was cool. Ming told Wei the location of Popstar, and Wei brought the drugs back to Ming as he asked.  Wei later caught Popstar murdering his supplier, thus had him incarcerated.

"You get into this business for yourself, you're bound to end up like this piece of shit."
―Winston to Wei after killing Ming

Wei was called to the Golden Koi, where Conroy Wu and Duke overpowered him, holding him down. Ming and Winston started interrogating Wei, convinced that he was behind the incarceration of Popstar and that he was a snitch. However, Wei turned the tables on Ming, rationalizing that Ming was the one who stood to gain the most from Popstar's absence. Winston, now believing Ming to be the rat, and convinced that he was still working with Dogeyes, shot him in the head, killing him. After spitting on Ming's corpse, Winston warned Wei that, if he was not loyal to the Water Street Gang, he would end up with a similar fate.

Mission Appearances

Sleeping Dogs



Ming had a bigger role in the story of True Crime: Hong Kong as he appeared in Loose Ends instead of Naz.