Meet the New Boss
Wei threatening ponytail
Wei threatening Ponytail.
Start Club Bam Bam
End Central
Rewards HK $5000
News Story- "Drugs, Hookers, Porn"
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Mrs. Chu's Revenge Loose Ends
"Ponytail, an enforcer who works for Big Smile Lee, arrives at Club Bam Bam and declares that the club is now to be operated by his boss. Wei decides to take a stand and take over the operation himself."
―Game description.
Meet the New Boss is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Because of Winston's death at the wedding, the Water Street Gang were put into confusion. At the Club Bam Bam, Jackie and Conroy were arguing over what they should do, and Wei arrives and stops them. Jackie and Conroy are suspecting the 18K are the one who responsible for the attack, but Wei dismiss it as their problems with 18K are nothing major so that it doesn't make sense that they would attack the wedding.

Suddenly, a man comes into the office. He reveals himself to be Ponytail, one of Big Smile Lee's enforcers. He tells them that they may allow their operations in their area, but the percentages that previously went to Winston will now belong to Lee. Wei counters the offer by threatening Ponytail with Winston's gold Desert Eagle. He tells him to tell Lee that his people stay out of the Water Street Gang territory in exchange they will let them live. This caused Ponytail to call his henchmen to attack Club Bam Bam.


Break through the door and shoot the enemy who's holding a hostage. Kill two more enemies and proceed to take care of those below you. After you done with all of them, you may want to take a rifle or SMG before proceeding outside.

There, groups of enemies will fire upon you. You must hold them off until Jackie comes back with a car. After that, Ponytail will try to escape with a car. Chase after him and shoot anyone who's a threat. Wei and Jackie will eventually catch up with Ponytail, and Wei now has to chase him through the blocks. After you catch up with Ponytail, it is time to teach him a lesson.

Ponytail is not a hard boss to fight. His attacks are easy to counter, and he can also be grabbed. After defeating Ponytail, he will escape. The cops then come and chase you down. Take the right route and follow the waypoint. Get inside the limo and complete the mission.

It is revealed that the person who helped you was a Red Pole named Broken Nose Jiang. She offered an alliance with Wei to prevent Big Smile Lee of becoming the next chairman if Uncle Po does not recover.


  • Once the mission ends, the player can follow Ms. Jiang's limo, if the limo stops, the player can enter the back again and let the limo drive them around.