Master Chu
The Master.
Appearance(s):  Year of the Snake
Full name:  Master Chu
Also known as:  The Master
Status:  Incarcerated
Gender:  Male
Place of birth:  Hong Kong
Home:  Hong Kong
Nationality:  Chinese
Main affiliation:  The Cult
Master Chu was a cult leader and main antagonist of the DLC Year of the Snake. He is only known by the alias used by his cult members, his full name is unknown.
The Master.

Chu about to be arrested by Shen.


Master Chu was the founder of the cult sometime before Sleeping Dogs and it's DLC. It's unknown what The Master and the rest of the cult beliefs are, utter than trying to usher in the "apocalypse".

Events of Year of The Snake

Master Chu is first mentioned in the first mission of Year of the Snake by an arrested cult member Wei Shen interrogates, he mentions that he will serve up to ten years minimal but however the cult member simply replies with "I won't do ten days, none of us will." He explains to Shen that when the current Chinese New Year starts, the world will end. A teaching by Chu.

Shen leaves to apprehend the cult members from buying bombs off a black market dealer, suppressing riots to stopping a chemical attack.

Eventually Wei finds where Chu is hiding, La Ting island. Wei Shen goes there to apprehend Chu, after a long battle with cult members. Shen finds Chu, Chu accepts his fate and gets arrested. Chu keeps going about the apocalypse and Shen decides to debunk him by waiting until midnight when the new year starts. After this Shen's final words to Chu before taking him off to be trialled is "You're under arrest asshole, Happy New Year."


  • Chu and The Cult seen in Year of The Snake, is most likely inspired by Aum Shinrikyo and Shoko Asahara.
  • Master Chu is the only main antagonist of the main game and the DLC Campaigns who's final fate doesn't involve his life ending as he is incarcerated (though Big Scar Wu was deceased long before the events of Nightmare in North Point).

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