Martial Arts Club is an activity in Sleeping Dogs. There are four clubs, one in each district, that Wei Shen can fight at.

There are six rounds in a club, each round progressively more difficult, with more enemies. If Wei manages to win the martial arts club, he is awarded with Hong Kong Dollars and Face XP, as well as preset outfits.

Winning at all four martial arts clubs will award the player with the Martial Law achievement/trophy.


1. 1 striker

2. 1 striker and 1 brawler

3. 2 strikers and 1 brawler

4. 1 striker, 2 brawlers, and 1 grappler

5. 3 strikers and 3 brawlers

6. 3 strikers, 3 brawlers, and 2 grapplers


  • Wei cannot participate in a Martial Arts Club if the player has a heat level or attacks one of the spectators. In the case of a heat level, the Marker will disappear from the mini-map and if the player goes to a Martial Arts Club Location, that location will be empty.
  • One of the Spectators in the Martial Arts Club in Central shares the same model with a Grappler; however, it is still possible for Wei to grapple this spectator unlike other Grapplers.
  • One of the fighters in the Aberdeen Martial Arts Club shares the same model as the bald-headed gang member who serves as the lookout in every Martial Arts Club. Unlike the spectators, other civilians, gang members and vendors that Wei can interact with, This gang member cannot be attacked.
  • After winning all 6 rounds, Wei will say "Seriously, is that the best you can do?"
  • If Wei participates in a Martial Arts Club while wearing the Lightning Warrior Outfit, he will instantly loose his sword.
  • It is possible to use a melee weapon in the Martial Arts Club and even firearms. All weapons held by Wei or dropped nearby will disappear once the event starts but if you manage to park a vehicle close enough (works best at Kennedy Town) you will be able to obtain weapons from the trunk (Tire Iron from most vehicles, Golden Cleaver from the Triad Enforcer Car and finally a shotgun from the trunks of police vehicles if you have unlocked the Trunk Key police upgrade).


North Point

Sleeping Dogs - Martial Arts Club North Point11:18

Sleeping Dogs - Martial Arts Club North Point

Martial Arts Club: North Point


Sleeping Dogs - Martial Arts Club Central07:42

Sleeping Dogs - Martial Arts Club Central

Martial Arts Club: Central

Kennedy Town

Sleeping Dogs - Martial Arts Club Kennedy Town08:23

Sleeping Dogs - Martial Arts Club Kennedy Town

Martial Arts Club: Kennedy Town


Sleeping Dogs PC (Max Settings) - Martial Arts Club Aberdeen08:13

Sleeping Dogs PC (Max Settings) - Martial Arts Club Aberdeen

Martial Arts Club: Aberdeen

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