Loose Ends
Rewards HK $60000
Scoundrel CI File
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Meet the New Boss Final Kill
"Jackie calls Wei and asks for help with a business deal that went bad with the thugs at Top Glamour imports."
―Game description.
Loose Ends is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Get on the bike and ride to Top Glamour with it. Wait for the men to open the gate for Wei Shen and go to the desired location. You will confront Naz and his thugs in a cutscene. After the cutscene, you will be automatically be given a sub machine gun. Use the submachine gun to kill the thugs shooting at you and to destroy the pursuing vehicles. Naz (most likely) will instruct the workers to close the gate, blocking the way. However, use the ramp and jump over the wall. Shoot at the gas tank and a cutscene will be activated where Wei grabs Naz and turns him into a hostage. After that, there will be some armed 18k thugs attempting to kill you. Kill them with the machine gun. Put Naz into any car's trunk and proceed out of the Top Glamour. On the way out, there will be a truck filled with armed thugs shooting at you. Use your gun to take them out. Now, there should be some 18k cars after you. Either escape from them or take them out to proceed. Then, Wei will give Inspector Teng a call about Naz in the trunk of his car. Then, bring him over to the Undercover HQ and park your car with Naz in a garage.


  • In this mission, it is proven that Jackie can't ride a motorcycle, unlike Wei.

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