Listening In
Start Golden Koi
End Golden Koi
Rewards SFPD - Psychiatric Evaluation, Wei Shen Revised
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Club Bam Bam Chain of Evidence
"Raymond instructs Wei to plant surveillance equipment inside the Golden Koi's back room."
―Game description.
Listening In is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Get to the construction site, then follow the prompts and climb up the scaffolding. Near the skylight, there is a camera box that you can hack. (optional) There will be a skylight where you will pause to overhear some conversation about you between Winston and Conroy. When they have left, repeatedly tap to open the skylight and jump into the back room. A timer will start giving you about 2 minutes to complete the mission.

Grab the jade statue on the bench and make your way over to the glowing air vent being careful not to run or step into the kitchen. If you do, the cook will notice you and the mission will fail. At the air vent hold down a directional key to unscrew the grille and then mouse over the grids to calibrate the bug. The crosshair will turn green and a progress bar will show if you are in the correct spot. Once you are done, screw back the grille and go over to the back door to pick the lock. On PC the instructions are somewhat misleading as the game prompts you to use the mouse when it is actually not necessary at all. Hold down W or the up key until the pin moves up and turns green, then quickly hit A. If your timing was correct the game will automatically move to the next pin. Repeat for each of the 2 remaining pins. It may take a few tries to get the correct timing but luckily there was a checkpoint just after you broke into the skylight.

Once you are out the door, walk toward the green mission marker to complete the mission.

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