Law Enforcer Pack
The Law Enforcer Pack is a DLC for Sleeping Dogs.


No criminal in Hong Kong is safe from justice. The Law Enforcer Pack gives players their most comprehensive access yet to police department gear, including two cop outfits, a new weapon and five police vehicles.


  • SWAT Tactical Uniform (50% reduction in damage from gunfire)
  • Crime Scene Investigator (Double Cop XP earned, but no Triad XP earned; Police Retractable Baton)
  • SDU Armored Truck (Aggressor SWAT Truck)
  • HKPD Cruiser (Kleinod Cop Car)
  • HKPD Motorcycle (Cop Bike)
  • HKPD Van (Dampfross Cop Van)
  • HKPD SUV (Ridge Sport SWAT SUV)



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