The Kennedy Town Apartment is the fourth and final safehouse available to Sleeping Dogs protagonist, Wei Shen after the completion of Fast Girls. The apartment is large and beautifully furnished. There is a bathroom, a kitchen, a large bedroom, a living room and a sunroom.

There is also a wardrobe for Wei to change his clothes, as well as a televison used for Drug Busts.


There are four upgrades available for this apartment:

  • Fish (HK $850) - Located in the Kennedy Town Docks near the car dealership.
  • Hot Tub (HK $25000) - Located near the apartment, right next to a drug bust.
  • Tropical Plant Service (HK $1200) - Located just west of the hot tub salesman.
  • Idol of Guan Yu (HK $4000) - Located in the parking area of the building (Kennedy Pier) on the west side of the start of the Kennedy Town - Aberdeen highway.


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