Jiang Shi (彊屍, translation 'Zombie', literally 'stiff corpse') are the characters featured in Nightmare in North Point. They were evoked and brought from the underworld by Big Scar Wu to assist on his plan of vengeance.

The appearance of the Jiang Shi drew heavily from the portrayal in Hong Kong cinema by wearing the iconic outfit similar to those worn by Manchurian officials, hopping instead of walking and biting on human's necks to suck their blood.

In the game, the vampire/zombie in Chinese/Korean folklore can be defeated by a finishing move which involves placing an amulet on their forehead, a common way of disabling Jiang Shi shown in the movies. Another alternative is to push the Jiang Shi into a fire barrel which is used to burn offerings for the dead. The game also added a portal which is the energy source of the Jiang Shi. During certain missions, the player is required to throw Jiang Shi back into the portal to stop it from supplying the Jiang Shi with energy.

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