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Jade Zodiac Statue
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"Part of a set of twelve. One for each animal of the Chinese calendar."
―Sifu Kwok on the rat statue

Jade Zodiac Statues are collectibles in Sleeping Dogs.

The statues originally belonged to Sifu Kwok, but they were stolen from his martial arts academy by a former student. Sifu only had one left out of 12.

There are 11 Jade Zodiac statues for Wei Shen to find. Every time he returns one to Sifu, Sifu shows his gratitude to Wei by teaching him a new martial arts move.

Dating Tiffany Kim will show the locations of the statues on the minimap.


  1. In Club Bam Bam's VIP Lounge. Can be acquired during or after Club Bam Bam (Mission). (Dragon)
  2. On a boat at North Point Waterfront; easily found while doing the cop mission 'Popstar Lead 3' when Wei needs to get on top of the boat's roof. The statue is on the marked boat. Really hard to miss. (Snake)
  3. Inside the Golden Koi restaurant's kitchen. You can get it anytime in "free roam" or during Listening In. (Dog)
  4. In the North Point Temple. Check the highest abode's altar for this item. Can also be found during Amanda (Mission). (Sheep)
  5. The bridal shop near Sammy Ho's place in north Central District (the circular plaza on the map). Easily visible when playing 'Bride to Be'; you can spot it in the cut-scene with Peggy. You can get it after the Bride to Be cutscene if you are quick about it. (Tiger)
  6. Cemetery in Kennedy Town. In the lobby. (Rabbit)
  7. In the K-Bar in Central. On the drink table. (Rooster)
  8. Inside the hospital in Central. On the check-in desk. (Boar)
  9. On the offshore gambling den in the middle of the ocean north of Central's coast. You need to complete 'Riffaff Disposal' first. (Monkey)
  10. Inside Two Chin's mansion in Kennedy Town. You can only get this during 'Bad Luck' since it is one of the mission objectives. If you miss the mission, replay it from the Social Hub (on your pause menu). (Ox)
  11. Vivienne's Penthouse in Central's Commercial District. You may enter it after 'Conflicted Loyalties' is completed. (Horse)


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