Intensive Care
18K member threatening hospital workers.
Start K-Bar
End Random drop-off point
Rewards HK $50000
Scoundrel Report on Ricky Wong
Previous Next
Dockyard Heist Important Visitor
"Ricky calls Wei to inform him that the private hospital where Po is staying is being assaulted by a group of armed 18k triad who want him dead."
―Game description.
Intensive Care is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Ricky calls Wei while Wei is near the K-Bar, saying that he is at the hospital because the 18K are there and are trying to kill Uncle Po. Wei races to the scene and manages to fight his way to the top floor, where the power has been shut off. Turning it back on, Wei manages to restart Uncle Po's life support. He, along with Ricky, proceed to clear the hospital of the remaining gang members. Ricky states that "it feels like the game has changed", and it isn't safe for anybody.

Exiting the hospital, the duo encounters police and flee. After escaping, Wei and Ricky talk about the current issues with the Sun On Yee saying that someone is "pulling the strings in control of the Triads". Ricky even adds that even rival triads used to have a code of honor. Wei then drops Ricky off on the sidewalk and says to keep close, as the gang is falling apart.

Quick Walkthrough

  • Starting at K-Bar, take the car you brought with you or steal one. You need to head towards the hospital in just under 1 minute and 15 seconds.
  • Enter the hospital and grab the 18k member with his back turned - once you take him out, you'll have his pistol, so grab him again and take him hostage or take cover and take the other gang members down.
  • Run to the elevator and kill the 18k members along the way.
    • Be mindful of the nurse they take hostage so you don't lose any Police XP.
  • Once in the elevator, the power will go off, you have to force the doors open before making your way towards Uncle Po's room and another group of enemies. Get in cover and take them out.
  • After the cutscene, Ricky will partner up with you - Kill the advancing enemies and run to the security room. Hack the console to turn the power back on. Outside will be more enemies. Kill them and run back to Po's room.
  • Now you have to defend Uncle Po's room with Ricky. They first come from the south of the room, then the west and east simultaneously then, finally, the south again. Be cautious, the fat gunmen carry pump-action shotguns whilst the skinnier men carry sub-machine guns and pistols.
  • After the cutscene, you must escape the cops in a Panzer with Ricky as the passenger. It's fairly simple, despite the 4-star heat level. Just keep driving straight on and you'll soon lose the cops. Failing that, shoot at their tires to get rid of them quickly although shooting the police cars themselves will incur a Police XP penalty.
  • Now all there is left to do is simply drive Ricky away from the hospital to a randomly determined location.

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