Important Visitor
King and Wei heading out on the town.
Start Sonny's place
End King's hotel
Rewards HK $25000
Ilyana's phone number
Triad connections in music industry
Previous Next
Intensive Care Fast Girls
"King, a popular North American record producer, is visiting Hong Kong to discuss Vivienne's record contract. Sonny asks you to take King around the city and show him a good time."
―Game description.
 Important Visitor is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Wei visits Sonny and Ricky at the studio - the two have an important guest, a record producer, King. Sonny suggests that because Wei is Sun On Yee, nobody will disturb the two of them. King is pleased to hear this and agrees to be shown around town. Whilst driving, the two of them agree that Sonny is of questionable character and proceed to berate him. King then reveals that one of the real reasons he is in Hong Kong is to help set up connections to his friend's drug smuggling ring. The two proceed to K-Bar until trouble ensues.

Quick Walkthrough

  • Drive King to K-Bar.
  • Once inside K-Bar, King asks you to bring some girls over to him in the karaoke room.
  • After speaking with Katushka, speak with the two other girls and scare off the man harassing Ilyana.
  • Once you have taken them into the karaoke room (and have gotten Ilyana's phone number), King asks you to sing something for him and the girls. Simply pick a song and sing your heart out. Afterwards, you take photos of King and the girls.
  • King asks you to take him back to Sonny's yet the man you threatened when trying to get close to Ilyana, reveals himself to be a member of the 18k and he has brought back up.
  • Fight the group of gang members (with the help of King), grabbing melee weapons and using environmental attacks to defeat them.
  • Drive King to his hotel.

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