Going Under
Wei facing enemies
Start Night Market
End Golden Koi
Rewards None
Previous Next
Welcome to Hong Kong Vendor Extortion
Going Under is a mission in Sleeping Dogs. The mission acts as a hand-to-hand combat tutorial and also introduces the player to the Triads.


While locked up, Wei reconnects with an old childhood friend named Jackie Ma. The two have not seen each other in 15 years. Jackie tells Wei about his growing connections into the gang, including Winston Chu. Wei follows Jackie, who visits his girlfriend Jiu Mei.


Wei and Jackie get into a scuffle with some thugs who don't like Jackie being around. As they attack, follow the on-screen prompts. To complete the fighting tutorial, execute each of the fighting combos.

Fighting Tutorial

  • Defeat the enemies to advance.

Grappling Tutorial

  • Perform a grapple, followed by a follow-up (a strike or a throw)
  • Grapple, and then sprint with the enemy held
  • Perform an environmental grapple near the counter
  • Defeat the enemies to advance.

Meeting Winston

Wei and Jackie arrive at Golden Koi restaurant, owned and operated by Winston Chu's mother, Mrs. Chu. Winston is seated in the restaurant and Jackie introduces Wei. Winston is initially hesitant to bring in new blood, but Jackie reminds him that Wei grew up in Old Prosperity with them and Winston remembers. Impressed with Wei’s fighting ability, he sends him on a job to extort money from market stands.

As Wei leaves with Conroy Wu, a hazing against Wei begins.

Counter Tutorial

  • When enemies glow red, reverse their moves
  • Survive the hazing to advance.

Another red pole, named Sam "Dogeyes" Lin appears. Wei sees the inner conflict within the Sun On Yee, with Winston and Dogeyes fighting each other for more territory. Winston wants to send a message to Dogeyes, to show he has the control of the market.

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