Fire Opal Statues are collectible items found in the 'Zodiac Tournament Pack' DLC for Sleeping Dogs.

Upon picking up a statue, a short sound clip of Dr Zhang will play, discussing his opinion of 12 different martial arts style. Finding all 12 statues gives the MMA and Muay Thai outfits a 40% damage bonus and allow Wei to perform unique grapple attacks while wearing each outfit.

Once the Zodiac Island missions have been completed, any unclaimed statue will appear on the player's mini map to assist in locating them.

Fighting Styles and Descriptions:

Muay Thai - Muay Thai fighters strike with elbows and knees. I cannot speak to what they sound like when they do.

Sanshou - Free fighting. Watch for their counter punches, which are often as damaging as their attacks.

Kenpo - A Japanese import. But the true masters will tell you it originated [in Hong Kong] many thousands of years ago.

MMA - The mixed martial arts style combines wrestling with striking. It can pose problems for conventional martial artists.

Kung Fu - Kung Fu is the favored style of Wei Shen. It features smooth flowing moves and quick counter punches.

Pao Chul - Look for devotees to grapple if they can.

Nanquan - The school of the southern fist. An appropriate style, given our location.

Jeet Kune Do - The famous Jeet Kune Do. This is the school of the intercepting fist. Fast, furious, and in some ways immortal.

Karate - Ahh, karate. This school has a lineage that stretches back thousands of years.

Wing Chun - Wing Chun is particularly effective at close range.

Fanzi - The school of the tumbling fist. We shall see, gentlemen, whether this esoteric school can hold up against fierce competition.

The locations on a map:

Steamworkshop webupload previewfile 166857901 preview

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