Final Kill
Start Golden Koi
End Golden Koi
Rewards HK $5000

Field Report - Broken Nose Jiang

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Loose Ends Initiation
"Mrs. Chu has discovered the location of Dogeyes' hangout. She sends Wei to bring Dogeyes back so she can take revenge on him for what he did to her son."
―Game description.
Final Kill is a mission in Sleeping Dogs.


Following Johnny Ratface's capture, Wei returns to the Golden Koi to ask Mrs. Chu about who's responsible for the attack at the wedding. Mrs. Chu reveals that Sammy, who's revealed to be the real name of Dogeyes, was the one who responsible for the attack as his retaliation for capturing Siu Wah and destroyed his drug warehouse. Mrs. Chu sends Wei to capture Dogeyes and bring him to Golden Koi.


Take any vehicle and go to the designated area. Park your vehicle on the gate and follow the next waypoint to the pier. You will see Dogeyes was having a chat with his people, and soon notices Wei and attempts to escape in a speedboat.

Chase after him along the river until Wei bails out from the boat. Wei now has to chase down Dogeyes across the docks. Dogeyes then orders his men to stop you. Take care of them all, and go through the double doors to confront Dogeyes.

It is time to make Dogeyes pay for everything he did. In this boss battle, Dogeyes is not alone, so take care of his henchmen then go for Dogeyes himself. Watch out for his grapple and keep countering his attacks. After you beat Dogeyes, grab him and take him to Duke who is waiting outside. Put Dogeyes on the trunk, and enter the car. Soon, a few of Dogeyes' people will follow you and open fires at you. Shoot them all down until Duke arrives at Golden Koi.

After they arrive, get Dogeyes out of the trunk. Wei will then tie him up and put him in the chair. Mrs. Chu then comes and feeds him Johnny Ratface's ear before she brutally mutilates him. 

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