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Face XP is one of the three different ways to earn experience points in Sleeping Dogs. With more Face XP, the player has more respect and is also used to temporarily power up the player, giving them faster health regeneration, more resilience, more brutal attacks and counters, and access to higher quality clothing. Look out for the yellow side missions scattered throughout the streets of Hong Kong. These are missions given by normal civilians. Completing these various tasks will increase the Face Meter's progress bar.


  • Face Meter Unlocked: Filling this meter in combat intimidates enemies and regains lost health.
  • Fine Food & Drink: the regenerative effects of all food items lasts twice as long, herbal tea is twice as potent and energy drinks are 50% more effective.
  • Disarm: While the Face Meter is activated, Wei can disarm melee weapons by grappling or countering an enemy.
  • Car Valet: A lackey will bring you your car, anytime, anywhere.
  • Toughness: While the Face Meter is activated, Wei takes reduced damage from attacks.
  • Extra Special Massages: Massages do 50% more to build your Face Meter up.
  • Uninterruptible: While the Face Meter is activated, Wei’s attacks are uninterruptible.
  • Everything Just Got Better: Regeneration from food lasts three times longer. Energy Drinks, Herbal Tea and Massages are twice as effective.
  • Unstoppable: While the Face Meter is activated, Wei’s attacks do more damage, enemy class bonuses are disabled and Wei can Ground ‘n Pound.
  • Dai Lo: 40% Discount when buying all cars and clothes.

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