Eating is a feature in Sleeping Dogs. Eating allows Wei Shen to regain health and enhances his abilities giving him temporary "buffs", like 'Health Regeneration'. There are 9 (nine) different "meals" and 2 (two) types of drinks.

Wei can obtain 'Food' by ordering from stalls. It applies a health regeneration buff which allows Wei to recover from his wounds wether not committed in a fight. Note: food stalls are not spotted on the (mini-)map; look for them, scattered among the streets.

'Herbal Tea' is available in Apothecary shops. It applies an increase to Wei's defense, reducing damage inflicted by enemies/opponents. To find apothecaries, check out your (mini-)map for 'steaming bowl' icons.

'Dragon Kick' is an energy drink which can be found in several places: shops, stalls, automats and fridges (for free in safehouses) and can also be found in few other places involved in missions. It increases damage dealt. Note: only shops are spotted on the (mini-)map; you should pay attention to loud-music 'Dragon Kick' stalls (with pretty vendors) and to green automats here-and-there.

All of these buffs are limited in time. As soon as a food/drink is consumed, an icon of the corresponding buff will be displayed on the right of your screen. The little bars around the circle will fade with time. The efficiency time of food can be improved thanks to the Face Level 8 perk: 'Everything Just Got Better' which also doubles the efficiency of 'Herbal Tea', 'Dragon Kick' and 'Massage'. It is an improvement of the Face Level 2 perk: Fine Food & Drink.

Eating and drinking 10 different products unlocks the 'Foodie' achievement/trophy.

Edible products


  • Chicken On a Stick
  • Curry Fish Balls
  • Fish Dumpling Skewer
  • Ice Cream
  • Noodle Bowl
  • Pork Bun
  • Roast Duck
  • Spicy Squid
  • Waffle Eggs


  • Dragon Kick
  • Herbal Tea